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This page provides an overview of copyright rules of Gibraltar relevant to uploading works into Wikimedia Commons. Note that any work originating in Gibraltar must be in the public domain, or available under a free license, in both Gibraltar and the United States before it can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. If there is any doubt about the copyright status of a work from Gibraltar, refer to the relevant laws for clarification.


Anglo-Dutch forces captured Gibraltar from Spain in 1704. The territory was ceded to Great Britain in perpetuity under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.

The relevant copyright law is LN. 2005/078 Copyright (Gibraltar) Order 2005.[1] Under the Copyright (Gibraltar) Order 2005, the provisions of the United Kingdom's 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act are extended to Gibraltar, with some exceptions and changes of wording that do not appear to affect copyright terms.[1] An up-to-date version of the 1988 Act is available on[2]

The government of Gibraltar's Intellectual Property (Copyright and Related Rights) Act 2005 (Act 22 of 2005), as amended up to 2020, implements the changes defined by the Copyright (Gibraltar) Order 2005.[3] This is the applicable law for works originating in Gibraltar.

Copyright tags[edit]

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 Not OK section 447(1) and 448(1) of the Crimes Act (Act 23 of 2011) makes the reproduction of currency notes and protected coins (which includes Gibraltar pound coins) without the prior permission of relevant authorities an offence.

Freedom of panorama[edit]

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  • OK for buildings, sculptures, models for buildings, and works of artistic craftsmanship, "if permanently situated in a public place or in premises open to the public."
  •  Not OK for other types of artistic works (e.g. public murals, sculptures not situated in public places, or models not meant to be permanently displayed in a public place).

Gibraltarian freedom of panorama is found at Section 77(1–3), "Representation of certain artistic works on public display."

Gibraltarian law is modelled on UK law, and in the absence of any specific case law to the contrary it is reasonable to assume that the freedom of panorama rules will be similar. See the COM:FOP United Kingdom for more details.


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