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Location of Afghanistan


Countries, areas, and entities Standard copyright term
(based on authors' deaths)
Other copyright terms
(based on publication and creation dates)
Copyright exemptions Notes

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50 p.m.a.: life + 50 years[1] 50 years from publication
  • anonymous or pseudonymous work[1]
  • published after authors' deaths[1]
  • audiovisual works[1]
  • photographic,painting works[1]

50 years from creation

Threshold of originality: “photographic works that have been created using an original mode” (Art. 6)
  • Berne/UCC: no
  • Until year end: Yes (Afghan calendar)[1]
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Afghanistan Overview

Works are considered in the public domain in Afghanistan according to The law on the support the right of authors, composers, artists and researchers (Copy Right Law). (unofficial English translation) because:

  • It is a photograph, painting, or other audiovisual work originally published or broadcast more than 50 years ago, or
  • It is any other form of protected work and more than 50 years have passed since the death of the last surviving author and the date of original publication.

All works published using a pseudonym enter the public domain 50 years after publication, unless the author's identity subsequently becomes known.

Since Afghanistan is not a participant in the Berne Convention or any other treaty on copyright, works published by Afghan citizens in Afghanistan are usually not subject to copyright protection outside of Afghanistan. Hence, such works may be in the public domain in most other countries worldwide.

However, works published in Afghanistan by citizens or permanent residents of other countries will generally be entitled to copyright protection in their home country as well as in Afghanistan. Similarly, works published outside of Afghanistan within 30 days of publication within Afghanistan will also usually be subject to protection in the foreign country of publication. When works are subject to copyright outside of Afghanistan, the term of such copyright protection may exceed the term of copyright inside Afghanistan.


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