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All the countries which start with Republic of... or Kingdom of... and yada yada are located under R and K and you know. Also, the Republic of China and People's Republic of China are NOT called Taiwan or China on this list. Some of these aren't countries. I'd like to thank Zscout370 for letting this page exist by telling about the Commons.


26th of July Movement- M-26-7.svg


Afghanistan- Flag of Afghanistan (1880–1901).svg

Afghanistan- Flag of Afghanistan 1901.png

Afghanistan- Flag of Afghanistan (1919–1921).svg

Afghanistan- Afghanistan Flag 1928.jpg

Afghanistan- Afghanistan flag 1928-1929.jpg

Afghanistan- Flag of Afghanistan (1929).svg

Afghanistan- Afghanistan flag 1929-1931.jpg

Afghanistan- Flag of Afghanistan (1931–1973).svg

Afghanistan- Flag of Afghanistan (1978).svg

Afghanistan- Afghanistan flag 1978-1980.jpg

Afghanistan- Flag of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan.svg

Afghanistan- AfghanFlag1980.png


Afghanistan- Flag of Afghanistan (WFB 1996).png

Afghanistan- Flag of Taliban (original).svg

Afghanistan- Flag of Afghanistan (2002–2004, variant with golden arms).svg

Afghanistan- Flag of Afghanistan.svg

Argentina- Flag of Argentina.svg

Argentina- Flag of Argentina (alternative).svg

Australia- Flag of Australia.svgbo

Austria- Flag of Austria.svg

Austria- Flag of Austria (state).svg

Austria-Hungary- Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg

Antigua and Barbuda- Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.svg

Alberta- Flag of Alberta.svg

Algeria- Flag of Algeria.svg

Armenia- Flag of Armenia.svg

Azerbaijan- Flag of Azerbaijan.svg

Armenian SSR- Flag of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic.svg

Azerbaijan SSR- Flag of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.svg

Alaska- Flag of Alaska.svg

Arizona- Flag of Arizona.svg

Arkansas- Flag of Arkansas.svg

Alabama- Flag of Alabama.svg

Albania- Flag of Albania.svg

Andorra- Flag of Andorra.svg

Abkhazian SSR- Flag of the SSR Abkhazia.svg

Aerican Empire-


Al-Qaeda- Flag of Jihad.svg

Allied Occupation Zones in Germany- Merchant flag of Germany (1946–1949).svg

Albania under Italy- Flag of Albania (1939–1943).svg

Angola- Flag of Angola.svg

Abkhazia- Flag of the Republic of Abkhazia.svg

American Samoa- Flag of American Samoa.svg

Adjara- Flag of Adjara.svg

Adjar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic- Flag of Adjarian ASSR.svg

Adygea- Flag of Adygea.svg

Altai Republic- Flag of Altai Republic.svg

Amur Oblast- Flag of Amur Oblast.svg

Altai Krai- Altai Kraj bandera.gif

Aztlán- Flag of Aztlan.svg

Abenaki- Flag of Western Abenaki.svg

Australian Capital Territory- Flag of the Australian Capital Territory.svg

Armenia- Flag of Armenia.png

Armenia- 1885ArmenianFlag.svg

Artaxiad Dynasty- Artaxiad standard.png

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic- Flag of Azerbaijan 1918.svg

Azerbaijan SSR- Flag of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (1920–1921).svg

Azerbaijan SSR- Flag of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (1937–1940).svg

Azerbaijan SSR- Flag of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (1940–1952).svg

Annan Plan for Cyprus (United Cyprus Republic)- Proposed flag of the United Cyprus Republic.svg

Albanian Kingdom- Flag of Albania (1934–1939).svg

Algeria- Variant flag of the GPRA (1958-1962).svg

American Empire (Imperial States of America)- Imperial States of America.svg

Almohad dynasty- Flag of Almohad Dynasty.svg

Ayyubid dynasty- Ayyubid Flag.png

Anjouan- Flag of Anjouan.svg

Ashanti Empire- Flag of Ashanti.svg

Adélie Land- Flag of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.svg

Abu Dhabi- Flag of Abu Dhabi.svg

Ajman- Flag of Ajman.svg

Assyrian independence- Flag of the Assyrians.svg

Autonomous Region of Bougainville- Flag of Bougainville.svg

African-American flag- African America Flag.svg

Acre (state)- Bandeira do Acre.svg

Alash Autonomy- Flag of the Alash Autonomy.svg

Anguilla- Flag of Anguilla.svg

Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greece- Areios Pagos Anatolikis Ellados.svg

Arab League-

African Union-

Angola (proposed)- Flag of Angola (2003 proposal).svg

Angola- Flag of Angola.svg

Arapaho- Flag of Arapaho Nation.svg

Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma- Bandera Absentee Shawnee.PNG

Anishinabe- Anishinabe.svg

Alabama- Flag of Alabama (1861, obverse).svg

Alabama- Flag of Alabama (1861, reverse).svg

Aruba- Flag of Aruba.svg

Alawite State- Latakiya-sanjak-Alawite-state-French-colonial-flag.svg


Bhutan- Flag of Bhutan.svg

Bermuda- Flag of Bermuda.svg

Bohemia- Flag of Czechoslovakia.png

British Guiana- Flag of British Guiana (1906-1919).gif

British Raj- Flag of Imperial India.svg

Burma- Flag of British Burma (1939–1941, 1945–1948).png

Bahamas- Flag of the Bahamas.svg

Bulgaria- Flag of Bulgaria.svg

Bulgaria- Flag of Bulgaria.svg

Brazil- Flag of Brazil.svg

Belarus- Flag of Belarus.svg

Byelorussian SSR- Flag of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.svg

British Columbia- Flag of British Columbia.svg

Belize- Flag of Belize.svg

Bangladesh- Flag of Bangladesh.svg

Botswana- Flag of Botswana.svg

British Virgin Islands- Flag of the British Virgin Islands.svg

Benin Empire- Itsekiri flag.png

Benin- Flag of Benin.svg

Bavaria- Flag of Bavaria (striped).svg

Bavaria- Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg

Bahrain- Flag of Bahrain.svg

Burundi- Flag of Burundi.svg

Burma- Flag of Myanmar.svg

Belgium- Flag of Belgium.svg

British Mandate of Palestine- Palestine-Mandate-Ensign-1927-1948.svg

Byzantine Empire- Flag of PalaeologusEmperor.svg

Burkina Faso- Flag of Burkina Faso.svg

Bashkortostan- Flag of Bashkortostan.svg

Buryatia- Flag of Buryatia.svg

Borduria- Flag of Borduria.svg

British Raj- British Raj Red Ensign.svg

Baath Party- Flag of the Ba'ath Party.svg

Brunei- Flag of Brunei.svg

Berlin Committee- India1907Flag.png

British Raj- 1931 Flag of India.svg

British Raj- 1921 India flag.svg

British Raj- 1931-India-flag.svg

Bahrain- Flag of Bahrain (1972–2002).svg

Bangladesh- Flag of Bangladesh (1971).svg

Burma- Flag of Burma (1948–1974).svg

Burma- Flag of Myanmar (2006 proposal).svg

Belarus- Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991–1995).svg

Byelorussian SSR- Flag of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (1919-1927).svg

Byelorussian SSR- Flag of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (1937-1951).svg

Brandenburg- Flag of Brandenburg.svg

Baden-Württemberg- Flag of Baden-Württemberg.svg

Biafra- Flag of Biafra.svg

Bophuthatswana- Flag of Bophuthatswana.svg

British Somaliland- Flag of British Somaliland (1950-60).png

British Antarctic Territory- Flag of the British Antarctic Territory.svg

Bolivia- Flag of Bolivia.svg

Barbados- Flag of Barbados (1870–1966).png


Barbados- Flag of Barbados.svg

British Leeward Islands-

British Windward Islands-

British Virgin Islands- Flag of the British Virgin Islands.svg

Bukharan People's Soviet Republic- Flag of the Bukharan People's Soviet Republic.svg

Burgenland- Burgenland Landesflagge.PNG

British Union of Fascists- British Union of Fascists flag.ant.svg

Benin- Flag of Benin (1975–1990).svg

British East Africa- Flag of British East Africa.png

British Indian Ocean Territory- Flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory.svg

Britanny/Bretagne- Flag of Brittany.svg

Benelux- Flag of Benelux.svg

British Army- Flag of the British Army.svg

Blackbeard - Pirate Flag of Blackbeard (Edward Teach).svg

British and Irish Lions- Free Use British and Irish Lions flag.PNG

British Honduras- Flag of British Honduras (1919-1981).png


Czech Republic- Flag of the Czech Republic.svg

Czech Silesia- Flag of Czech Silesia.svg

Canada- Flag of Canada.svg

Canada- Canadian Red Ensign (1921–1957).svg

Colombia- Flag of Colombia.svg

Canada- Canadian Red Ensign (1957–1965).svg

Ceylon- Flag of Ceylon (1948–1951).svg

Colonial Nigeria- Flag of Nigeria (1914–1952).svg

Chagos Islands- Flag of CSSC.svg

Chechnya- Flag of the Chechen Republic.svg

Connacht- Flag of Connacht.svg

Cuba- Flag of Cuba.svg

Costa Rica- Flag of Costa Rica.svg

California- Flag of California.svg

Colorado- Flag of Colorado.svg

Connecticut- Flag of Connecticut.svg

Cayman Islands-

Cayman Islands- Flag of the Cayman Islands (pre-1999).svg

Chile- Flag of Chile.svg

Costa Rica- Flag of Costa Rica.svg

Catholic League- Marienfahne.gif

Colony of Vancouver Island- Flag of Vancouver Island.svg

Cornwall- Flag of Cornwall.svg

Cyprus- Flag of Cyprus.svg

Calcutta Flag- 20th Century Pre-Independence Calcutta Flag of India.png

Congo Free State (also Belgian Congo, International Congo Society)- Flag of Congo Free State.svg

Comoros- Flag of the Comoros.svg

Company rule in India- Flag of the British East India Company (1801).svg

Cook Islands- Flag of the Cook Islands.svg

Crimea- Flag of Crimea.svg

Chuvashia- Flag of Chuvashia.svg

Chinese Soviet Republic- Chinese soviet flag.svg

Cherokee- Cherokeenationalflag.png

Chatham Islands- Flag of the Chatham Islands (unofficial).png

Canada- Canada Pearson Pennant 1964.svg

Canada- Canada flag Group C Finalist.svg

Christmas Island- Flag of Christmas Island.svg

Colonial Brazil- Flag Portugal sea (1500).svg

Chinese Taipei- Flag of Chinese Taipei for Olympic games.svg

Colonial Cambodia- Flag of Cambodia under French protection.svg

Cambodia- Flag of Cambodia.svg

Cambodia under Japanese occupation- Flag of Cambodia under Japanese occupation.svg

Cambodia under UNTAC- Flag of Cambodia under UNTAC.svg

Cambodian coup of 1970 (Khmer Republic)- Flag of the Khmer Republic.svg

Cambodia under Vietnamese occupation (1979-1989) (People's Republic of Kampuchea)- Flag of the People's Republic of Kampuchea.svg

Ceylon- Flag of Ceylon (1951–1972).svg

Commonwealth of England- Flag of the Commonwealth (1649-1651).svg

Cameroon- Flag of Cameroon (1961-1975).svg

Côte d'Ivoire- Flag of Côte d'Ivoire.svg

Casamance- Flag of Casamance.svg

Cape Colony- Flag of the Cape Colony (1876–1910).png

Central African Republic- Flag of the Central African Republic.svg

Confederate States of America- Flag of the Confederate States of America (March 1861 – May 1861).svg

Confederate States of America- Flag of the Confederate States of America (1863–1865).svg

Confederate States of America- Flag of the Confederate States of America (1865).svg

Confederate States of America- Naval ensign of the Confederate States of America (1863–1865).svg

Confederate States of America- Naval jack of the Confederate States of America (1863–1865).svg

Confederate States Navy- Naval jack of the Confederate States of America (1861–1863).svg

Confederate States Navy- Confederate Rebel Flag.svg

Ciskei- Flag of Ciskei.svg

Christian Flag- Christian flag.svg

Cascadia (independence movement)- Flag of Cascadia.svg

Centrocaspian Dictatorship- Flag of the Centrocaspian Dictatorship.svg

Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia- Flag of the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia.svg

Creek (American Indians)- Flag of the Creek Nation.svg

Cameroon- Flag of Cameroon.svg

Cape Verde- Flag of Cape Verde.svg

Chad- Flag of Chad.svg

Cape Verde- Flag of Cape Verde (1975-1992).svg

Comoros- Flag of the Comoros (1996-2001).svg

Comoros- Flag of the Comoros (1992-1996).svg

Comoros- Flag of the Comoros (1978-1992).svg

Comanche- Flag of the Comanche Nation.svg

Crow Nation- Bandera Crow.png

Choctaw- ChoctawFlag.png


Caddo- Bandera Caddo.PNG

California- 1stBearFlag.svg

Curaçao- Flag of Curaçao.svg

Calico Jack - Pirate Flag of Jack Rackham.svg

Canadian Forces Maritime Command-

Cisalpine Republic- Flag of the Repubblica Cisalpina.svg

Congress Poland- Military ensign of Vistula Flotilla of Congress Poland.svg

Confederación Nacional del Trabajo- Bandera CNT-AIT.svg

Colonial Brazil- Flag of the Princes of Brazil.svg


Dominion of Newfoundland- Dominion of Newfoundland Red Ensign.png

Dominion of Newfoundland- Dominion of Newfoundland Blue Ensign.png

Denmark- Flag of Denmark.svg

Dominican Republic- Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg

Dominica- Flag of Dominica.svg


Delaware- Flag of Delaware.svg

Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic- 300px

Djibouti- Flag of Djibouti.svg

Dutch Republic- Prinsenvlag.svg

Democratic Republic of Armenia- Flag of the First Republic of Armenia.svg

Democratic Republic of the Congo- Flag of Congo-Léopoldville (1960-1963).svg

Democratic Republic of the Congo- Flag of Congo-Kinshasa (1966-1971).svg

Democratic Republic of the Congo- Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg

Democratic Republic of the Congo- Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1997-2003).svg

Democratic Republic of the Congo- Flag of Congo-Léopoldville (1963-1966).svg

Dagestan- Flag of Dagestan.svg

Democratic Kampuchea- Flag of Democratic Kampuchea.svg

Dubai- Flag of Dubai.svg

Duchy of Savoy- Savoie flag.svg


England- Flag of England.svg

East Germany- Flag of East Germany.svg

Easter Island- Flag of Rapa Nui, Chile.svg

East Timor- Flag of East Timor.svg

Estonia- Flag of Estonia.svg

Egypt- Flag of Egypt.svg

Estonian SSR- Flag of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic.svg

Ethiopia- Flag of Ethiopia.svg

Eritrea- Flag of Eritrea.svg

Ecuador- Flag of Ecuador.svg

Early Modern France- Pavillon royal de France.svg

Eureka Flag- Eureka Flag.svg

Egypt- Flag of Egypt (1972-1984).svg

Egypt- Flag of the Egyptian Revolution (1952).svg

Egypt (Muhammad Ali of Egypt)- Flag of Egypt (1882-1922).svg

Egypt under Ottoman Empire- Flag of the Ottoman Empire (also used in Egypt).svg

Empire of China (1915-1916)- Flag of the Empire of China 1915-1916.svg

Empire of China (1915-1916)- Yuan Flag (Propose).svg

Empire of Vietnam- Flag of the Empire of Vietnam (1945).svg

Ethiopian Empire- Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974).svg

El Salvador- Flag of El Salvador.svg

Equatorial Guniea- Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg

Empire of Atlantium- Bandera d'Atlantium.svg

Empire of Brazil- Flag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg

Esperanto- Flag of Esperanto.svg

Eastern Band Cherokee- Easternbandcherokeeflag.png

Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma-

Electorate of Hanover- Flag of Hanover (1692).svg

Electorate of Saxony- Flag of Electoral Saxony.svg

Ethiopia- Flag of Ethiopia (1991-1996).svg

Edward England - Flag of Edward England.svg


Federal Republic of Yugoslavia- Flag of Yugoslavia (1992–2003).svg

Fiji- Flag of Fiji 1924-1970.gif

Fiji- Flag of Fiji.svg

Finland- Flag of Finland.svg

Finland- Flag of Finland (state).svg

Faroe Islands- Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg

France- Flag of France.svg

French Guiana- Flag of French Guiana.svg

Florida- Flag of Florida.svg

Frøya- Flag of Froya.png

Falkland Islands- Flag of the Falkland Islands.svg

Flanders- Flag of Flanders.svg

Free State of Fiume (Rijeka)- Flag of the Free State of Fiume.svg

French Sudan- Flag of French Sudan (1958-1959).svg

French Togoland- Flag of Togo (1958-1960).svg

Federation of South Arabia- Flag of the Federation of South Arabia.svg

Free French Forces (Free France)- Flag of Free France (1940-1944).svg

Fengtian clique- Flag of Fengtian clique.png

French Indochina- Flag of Colonial Annam.svg

French Mandate of Lebanon- Lebanese French flag.svg

Federation of Malaya- Flag of Malaya.svg

Federated Malay States- Flag of the Federated Malay States (1895 - 1946).png

First Spanish Republic- Flag of the First Spanish Republic.svg

Fatimid- 300px

Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland- Flag of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (1953–1963).svg

Far Eastern Republic- Flag Far Eastern Republic.svg

Franceville, New Hebrides- Flag of Franceville.svg

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina- Flag of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1996-2007).svg

First Philippine Republic- Philippines flag original.png

French Mandate of Syria- Flag of Syria French mandate.svg

French Togoland- Flag of Togo (1957-1958).svg

Free People's State of Württemberg- Flagge Königreich Württemberg.svg

First Eastern Turkestan Republic- Kokbayraq flag.svg

First Mexican Empire-

Federal Republic of Central America- Flag of the Federal Republic of Central America.svg

French Mandate of Syria- Flag of the French Mandate of Syria (1920).svg


Germany/West Germany- Flag of Germany.svg

German Empire- Flag of the German Empire.svg

Gold Coast- Flag of the Gold Coast.svg

Ghana- Flag of Ghana.svg

Greenland- Flag of Greenland.svg

Gibraltar- Flag of Gibraltar.svg

Greece- Flag of Greece.svg

Guyana- Flag of Guyana.svg

Guatemala- Flag of Guatemala.svg

Georgia- Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg

Georgia- Flag of Georgia.svg

Georgia- Flag of Georgia (1990–2004).svg

Georgian SSR- Flag of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic.svg

Galician SSR- Flag of the Galician SSR.svg

Guernsey- Flag of Guernsey.svg

German New Guinea- German new guinea flag.svg

Grande Comore- Flag of Grande Comore.svg

Grenada- Flag of Grenada.svg


Goshen- Flag of the Republic of Goshen.svg

German-speaking Community of Belgium- BE DG Fahne randlos.png

Guam- Flag of Guam.svg

The Gambia- Flag of The Gambia.svg

German East Africa-

German Samoa- Flag of German Samoa.svg

Gabon- Flag of Gabon.svg

Gabon- Flag of Gabon 1959-1960.svg

Ghana- Flag of Ghana (1964–1966).svg

Guinea- Flag of Guinea.svg

Guinea-Bissau- Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg

Gdańsk- Gdansk flag.svg

Georgia- Flag of the State of Georgia (2001–2003).svg

Georgia- Flag of the State of Georgia (1956–2001).svg

Georgia- Flag of the State of Georgia (1920–1956).svg

Georgia- Flag of the State of Georgia (1879–1902).svg


German Navy- Naval Ensign of Germany.svg

Gran Colombia- Flag of the Gran Colombia.svg

Granadine Confederation- Naval ensign of New Granada.svg

Genoa- Flag of Genoa.svg

Guadeloupe- Unofficial flag of Guadeloupe (local).svg

Gagauzia- Flag of Gagauzia.svg

Galicia- Flag of Galicia.svg


Hong Kong- Flag of Hong Kong (1959–1997).svg

Haiti- Flag of Haiti.svg

Honduras- Flag of Honduras.svg

Hawaii- Flag of Hawaii.svg

Hitra- Hitra crest flag.png


Habsburg Monarchy- Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg

Holy Roman Empire- Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor (after 1400).svg

Hong Kong- Flag of Hong Kong.svg

Honourable East India Company- British East India Company flag.svg

Hong Kong-

Home Rule Movement- Flag of India 1917.svg

Honourable East India Company- Flag of the British East India Company (1707).svg

Hamas- Flag of Hamas.svg

Hesse- Flag of Hesse.svg


Habsburg Monarchy/Holy Roman Empire- 300px

Hellenic Navy- Naval Jack of Greece.svg

Helvetic Republic- Flag of the Helvetic Republic (French).svg

Hungarian Revolution of 1956- Flag of the Hungarian Revolution (1956).svg


Isle of Man- Flag of the Isle of Man.svg

Ireland- Flag of Ireland.svg

Italy- Flag of Italy.svg

India- Flag of India.svg

Iraq- Flag of Iraq.svg

Iceland- Flag of Iceland.svg

Iran- Iran flag with emblem 1964-1979.png

Iran- State flag of Iran 1964-1980.svg

Iran- Flag of Iran.svg

Idaho- Flag of Idaho.svg

Ireland national rugby union team- Flag of Ireland rugby.svg

Ireland cricket team-

Iowa- Flag of Iowa.svg

Illinois- Flag of Illinois.svg

Indiana- Flag of Indiana.svg

Isle of Wight- Isle of Wight Council Flag.svg

Indonesia- Flag of Indonesia.svg

Israel- Flag of Israel.svg

Iraq- Flag of Iraq (1963–1991); Flag of Syria (1963–1972).svg

Iroquois- Flag of the Iroquois Confederacy.svg

Ingushetia- Flag of Ingushetia.svg

Iraq- Flag of Iraq (2004–2008).svg

Iraq- Flag of Iraq (1959–1963).svg

Iraq- Flag of Iraq (1991–2004).svg

Iraq- Proposed flag of Iraq (Coalition Provisional Authority, 2004).svg

Iraq- Proposed flag of Iraq (second proposal, 2008).png

Islamic Courts Union- Flag of the Islamic Courts Union.svg

Italian Regency of Carnaro- Reggenza Italiana del Carnaro.jpg

Ido- Flag of Ido.svg

Italian Social Republic- War flag of the Italian Social Republic.svg

Imperial Japanese Navy- Naval Ensign of Japan.svg

Imperial Japanese Army- War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army.svg

Independent State of Croatia- Flag of Independent State of Croatia.svg

Italian Republic (Napoleonic)- Flag of the Italian Republic (1802).svg

International Brigades- Flag of the International Brigades.svg


Jamaica- Flag of Jamaica 1957.png

Jersey- Flag of Jersey.svg

Japan- Flag of Japan.svg

Japan- Flag of Japan (1870–1999).svg

Jamaica- Flag of Jamaica.svg

Jordan- Flag of Jordan.svg

Jihad- Flag of Jihad.svg

Jubaland- Flag of Jubaland.svg

Juliana Republic- Flag of República Juliana (1839).svg

Jesusland- Flag of Jesusland.svg

Jabal ad-Druze- Flag of Jabal ad-Druze (state).svg


Kingdom of Yugoslavia- Flag of Yugoslavia (1918–1941).svg

Kenya- Flag of Kenya.svg

Kingdom of Romania- Flag of Romania.png

Kiribati- Flag of Kiribati.svg

Kazakh SSR- Flag of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.svg

Kazakhstan- Flag of Kazakhstan.svg

Kyrgyz SSR- Flag of Kyrgyz SSR.svg

Kyrgyzstan- Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg

Karelo-Finnish SSR- Flag of the Karelo-Finnish SSR.svg

Komi Republic- Flag of Komi.svg

Kansas- Flag of Kansas.svg

Kentucky- Flag of Kentucky.svg

Kingdom of Great Britian- Flag of Great Britain (1707–1800).svg

Kingdom of Greece- State Flag of Greece (1863-1924 and 1935-1973).svg

Kingdom of France- Flag of Royalist France.svg

Kingdom of Iraq- Flag of Iraq (1924–1959).svg

Kurdistan- Flag of Kurdistan.svg

Kingdom of Egypt- Flag of Egypt (1922–1958).svg

Kingdom of Serbia- State Flag of Serbia (1882-1918).svg

Kingdom of Montenegro- Flag of Montenegro (1905–1918, 1941–1944).svg

Kirov Oblast- Flag of Kirov Oblast.svg

Kabardino-Balkaria- Flag of Kabardino-Balkaria.svg

Kalmykia- Flag of Kalmykia.svg

Karachay-Cherkessia- Flag of Karachay-Cherkessia.svg

Khakassia- Flag of Khakassia.svg

Khemed- Flag of Khemed.svg

Kuna Yala- Flag of Kuna Yala.svg

Khabarovsk Krai- Flag of Khabarovsk Krai.svg

Krasnodar Krai- Flag of Krasnodar Krai.png

Krasnoyarsk Krai- Flag of Krasnoyarsk Krai.svg

Koru Flag- Koru flag.svg

KwaZulu- KwaZulu flag 1985.svg

Kuomintang- Naval Jack of the Republic of China.svg

Korean Unification Flag- Unification flag of Korea.svg

Kuwait- Flag of Kuwait.svg

Kingdom of Laos- Flag of Laos (1952-1975).svg

Kingdom of Scotland- Union Jack 1606 Scotland.svg

Kosovo- Flag of Kosovo.svg

Kingdom of Kongo- Flag of the Kingdom of Kongo.svg

Klein Vrystaat- Flag of Transvaal.svg

Kingdom of Rwanda- Flag of Rwanda (1959–1961).svg

Kingdom of Rwenzururu- Rwenzururu flag.png

Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia- Flag of the Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia.svg

Kingdom of Elleore- Flag of Elleore.svg

Kingdom of EnenKio- Flag of EnenKio.svg

Kingdom of Redonda- Flag of the Kingdom of Redonda.svg

Kingdom of Sedang- Flag of Sedang.svg

Khanate of Khiva- Bandera de Khiva abans 1917.svg

Khorezm People's Soviet Republic- Flag of Khiva 1920-1923.svg

Kingdom of Kurdistan- Flag of Kingdom of Kurdistan (1922-1924).svg

Klingon- Klingon Empire Flag.svg

Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946)- Flag of Italy (1861–1946).svg

Kingdom of Sardinia- Flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia.svg

Kingdom of Prussia- Flag of Prussia (1892-1918).svg

Kingdom of Prussia- Flag of Prussia (1701).gif

Kingdom of Prussia- Flag of Prussia (1750).gif

Kingdom of Prussia- Flag of Prussia (1803).gif

Kingdom of Portugal- Flag of Portugal (1830).svg

Kingdom of Portugal- Flag of Portugal (1707).svg

Kingdom of Naples- Flag of the Kingdom of Naples.svg

Kingdom of Sicily- Flag of the Kingdom of Sicily.svg

Kingdom of Greece- Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg


Kingdom of Spain- Bandera de España(1701-1748).gif

Kingdom of Hungary (1920-1944)- Flag of Hungary (1915-1918, 1919-1946).svg

Kriegsmarine- War ensign of Germany (1938–1945).svg

Kaiserliche Marine- Flag of German Empire (jack 1903).svg

Kaiserliche Marine- War Ensign of Germany (1903-1918).svg

Kingdom of Montenegro (1941-1944)- Cs-cg rs.PNG

Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic)- Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy.png

Kingdom of Greece- State Flag of Greece (1863-1924 and 1935-1973).svg


Liechtenstein- Flag of Liechtenstein.svg

Leinster- Flag of Leinster.svg

Lower Saxony- Flag of Lower Saxony.svg

Lithuania- Flag of Lithuania.svg

Latvia- Flag of Latvia.svg

Libya- Flag of Libya.svg

Louisiana- Flag of Louisiana.svg

Laos- Flag of Laos.svg

Labrador- Flag of Labrador.svg

Latvian SSR- Flag of Latvian SSR.svg

Lithuanian SSR- Flag of Lithuanian SSR.svg

Lesotho- Flag of Lesotho.svg

Liberia- Flag of Liberia.svg

Luxembourg- Flag of Luxembourg.svg

Lebanon- Flag of Lebanon.svg

Lebanon after Ottoman rule- Cedar flag.svg

Lorraine- Flag of Lorraine.svg

Ladonia (micronation)- Flag of Ladonia.svg

Ladonia (micronation)- Flag of Ladonia with contours.svg

Lesotho- Flag of Lesotho (1987-2006).svg

Lesotho- Flag of Lesotho (1966).svg

Libyan Arab Republic- Flag of Libya (1969–1972).svg

Louisiana- Flag of Louisiana (February 1861).svg

Louisiana- Flag of Louisiana (January 1861).svg


Montenegro- Flag of Montenegro.svg

Moravia- Flag of Moravia.svg

Michigan- Flag of Michigan.svg

Morocco- Flag of Morocco.svg

Monaco- Flag of Monaco.svg

Macedonia- Flag of Macedonia.svg

Munster- Flag of Munster.svg

Manitoba- Flag of Manitoba.svg

Mexico- Flag of Mexico.svg

Mexico- Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1968).png

Mordovia- Flag of Mordovia.svg

Mari El- Flag of Mari El.svg

Montana- Flag of Montana.svg

Minnesota- Flag of Minnesota.svg

Missouri- Flag of Missouri.svg

Mississippi- Flag of Mississippi.svg

Maryland- Flag of Maryland.svg

Maine- Flag of Maine.svg

Massachusetts- Flag of Massachusetts.svg

Moldavian SSR- Flag of Moldavian SSR.svg

Mali- Flag of Mali.svg

Malaysia- Flag of Malaysia.svg

Mauritania- Flag of Mauritania.svg

Madagascar- Flag of Madagascar.svg

Marshall Islands- Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg

Macau- Flag of Macau.svg

Mughal Empire- Fictional flag of the Mughal Empire.svg

Mohéli- Flag of Mohéli.svg

Mali Federation- Flag of Mali (1959-1961).svg

Mi'kmaq- Mikmaq State Flag.svg

Molvanîa- Molvania.svg

Māori- Tino Rangatiratanga Maori sovereignty movement flag.svg

Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen- Flag of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen.svg

Macau (under Portuguese government)


Ma clique- Triangular Red Flag with White Crescent.svg

Manchukuo- Flag of Manchukuo.svg

Muscat and Oman- Flag of Muscat.svg

Muscat and Oman- Oman flag2.gif

Maldives- Flag of Maldives.svg

Mongolia- Flag of Mongolia.svg

Mongolian People's Republic- Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1945-1992).svg

Maasai- Bandera masai.svg

Mamluk- Mameluke Flag.svg

Martyazo- Flag of Martyazo.svg

Magallanes and Antártica Chilena Region- Flag of Magallanes, Chile.svg

Moldavia- Flag of Moldavia.svg

Mauritius- Flag of Mauritius.svg

Montserrat- Flag of Montserrat.svg

Martinique- Snake Flag of Martinique.svg

Malawi- Flag of Malawi.svg

Mozambique- Flag of Mozambique.svg

Mozambique- Flag of Mozambique (1983).svg

Mozambique- Flag of Mozambique (1975-1983).svg

Mozambique- Flag of Mozambique (1974-1975).svg

Massachusetts- Us-ma-ov.gif

Mississippi- Flag of Mississippi (1861–1865).svg

Mississippi- Mississippi 2001 flag proposal.svg

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern- Flag of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (state).svg

Mengjiang- Flag of Mongol Military Government (1936-1937).svg

Mengjiang- Flag of the Mengjiang.svg


Nazi Germany- Flag of Germany (1935–1945).svg

Newfoundland- Newfoundland Tricolour.svg

Northern Ireland- has no flag

Northern Rhodesia- Flag of Northern Rhodesia (1939–1964).svg

Nepal- Flag of Nepal.svg

Norway- Flag of Norway.svg

New Zealand- Flag of New Zealand.svg

Northern Cyprus- Flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svg

Nigeria- Flag of Nigeria.svg

North Korea- Flag of North Korea.svg

Nova Scotia- Flag of Nova Scotia.svg

New Brunswick- Flag of New Brunswick.svg

Nunavut- Flag of Nunavut.svg

Newfoundland and Labrador- Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador.svg

Northwest Territories- Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg

Nicaragua- Flag of Nicaragua.svg

Nevada- Flag of Nevada.svg

New Mexico- Flag of New Mexico.svg

Nebraska- Flag of Nebraska.svg

North Dakota- Flag of North Dakota.svg

North Carolina- Flag of North Carolina.svg

New York- Flag of New York.svg

New Hampshire- Flag of New Hampshire.svg

Niger- Flag of Niger.svg

Namibia- Flag of Namibia.svg

Nauru- Flag of Nauru.svg

Natalia Republic- Flag of Natalia Republic.svg

Nagorno-Karabakh- Flag of Artsakh.svg

Niue- Flag of Niue.svg

North Ossetia-Alania- Flag of North Ossetia.svg

Nuevo Rico- Flag of Nuevo Rico.svg

New Zealand- NZflag proposal-dignan.gif

New Zealand- Kyle Lockwood's New Zealand Flag.svg

New South Wales- Flag of New South Wales.svg

Northern Territory- Flag of the Northern Territory.svg

North Vietnam- Flag of Vietnam.svg

North Vietnam- Flag of North Vietnam (1945-1955).svg

Nguyễn Dynasty- Second flag of the Nguyen Dynasty.svg

Negeri Sembilan- Flag of Negeri Sembilan.svg

Nyasaland- Flag of Nyasaland (1919–1964).svg

Northern Mariana Islands- Flag of the Northern Mariana Islands.svg

New Caledonia- Flags of New Caledonia.svg

Norfolk Island- Flag of Norfolk Island.svg

Northern Cheyenne- Flag of Northern Cheyenne.svg

Nez Perce-

Navajo Nation- Navajo flag.svg

North Carolina- Flag of North Carolina (1861–1865).svg

North Rhine-Westphalia- Flag of North Rhine-Westphalia.svg

Netherlands Antilles- Flag of the Netherlands Antilles (1986–2010).svg

Reich Sports Office- Reichsbund für Leibesübungen.svg


Occitania- Flag of Occitania.svg

Oregon- Flag of Oregon.svg

Ottoman Empire- Ottoman flag.svg

Ontario- Flag of Ontario.svg

Oklahoma- Flag of Oklahoma.svg

Ohio- Flag of Ohio.svg

Orkney- 2007 Flag of Orkney.svg

Oman- Flag of Oman.svg

Orange Free State- Flag of the Orange Free State.svg

Occitania- Flag of Occitania (with star).svg

Orange River Colony- Flag of Orange River Colony.svg

Ottoman Empire- Fictitious Ottoman flag 2.svg

Ottoman Empire- Late Ottoman Flag 1844-1922.png

Ottoman Empire- Fictitious Ottoman flag 1.svg

Ottoman Empire-

Ottoman Empire (Kayihan Khanate)- Flag of the Kayihan Khanate (c. 1326).svg

Oglala Lakota- Pine Ridge Flag.svg

Ottawa (tribe)- Bandera Ottawa nation.png

Ottoman Greece- Graeco-Ottoman ensign.svg

Osage Nation-

Oneida tribe- Bandera Oneida.PNG

Organisation of the Islamic Conference- Flag of OIC.svg

Oklahoma- Flag of Oklahoma (1911–1925).svg

Oregon- Flag of Oregon (reverse).svg


Poland- Flag of Poland.svg

Puerto Rico- Flag of Puerto Rico.svg

Portugal- Flag of Portugal.svg

Pakistan- Flag of Pakistan.svg

Poland- Flag of Poland (with coat of arms).svg

Provinces of Ireland- Four Provinces Flag.svg

People's Republic of China (China)- Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg

Panama- Flag of Panama.svg

Paraguay- Flag of Paraguay.svg

Prince Edward Island- Flag of Prince Edward Island.svg

Pennsylvania- Flag of Pennsylvania.svg

Papua New Guinea- Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg

Palau- Flag of Palau.svg

Peru- Flag of Peru.svg

Passamaquoddy- Flag of the Passamakoddy.png

Perm Krai- Perm Oblast Flag.gif

Primorsky Krai- Flag of Primorsky Krai.svg

Pahlavi Dynasty- Flag of Iran (1933-1964).svg

Perak- Flag of Perak.svg

Pahang- Flag of Pahang.svg

Palestinian territories- Flag of Palestine.svg

Philippines- Flag of the Philippines.svg

Philippines- Flag of the Philippines (navy blue).svg

Philippines- Flag of the Philippines (1985–1986).svg

Principality of Albania- Albania 1914 Flag.gif

Padania- Flag of Padania.svg

Pattani Province- Flag of Pattani.svg

People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia-

Portuguese East Africa- Flag of Portuguese East Africa (proposal).svg

The Protectorate- Flag of the Commonwealth (1658-1660).svg

Principality of Sealand- Flag of Sealand.svg

Province of Bumbunga- Flag of Bumbunga.svg

Principality of Seborga-

Pan-African flag- Flag of the UNIA.svg

Papal States- Flag of the Papal States (1808-1870).svg

Papal States- Flag of the Papal States (pre 1808).svg

Pawnee- Pawnee flag.svg


Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia- Flag of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.svg

People's Republic of Hungary- Flag of Hungary (1949-1956).svg

Posen-West Prussia- Flagge Preußen - Grenzmark Posen-Westpreußen.svg

Province of Posen- Flagge Preußen - Provinz Posen.svg

Province of Silesia- Flagge Preußen - Provinz Schlesien.svg

Province of Brandenburg- Flagge Preußen - Provinz Brandenburg.svg

Province of Pomerania- Flagge Fürstentümer Schwarzburg.svg

Persian Empire (Qajar Dynasty)- Flag of Agha Mohammad Khan.svg

Persian Empire (Safavid Dynasty)- Flag of Shah Tahmasp I.svg

People's Liberation Army- People's Liberation Army Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg

People's Liberation Army Navy- Naval Ensign of China.svg

People's Liberation Army Ground Force- Ground Force Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg

Principality of Pindus and Voivodship of Macedonia- Flag of the Principality of Pindus and Voivodship of Macedonia.svg

Parthenopaean Republic- Flag of the Parthenopaean Republic.svg

Pacific Islanders rugby union team- Free Use Pacific Islanders flag.png


Quebec- Flag of Quebec.svg

Qatar- Flag of Qatar.svg

Qing Dynasty- Flag of China (1889–1912).svg

Queensland- Flag of Queensland.svg

Qing Dynasty- Flag of the Qing Dynasty (1862-1889).svg


Republic of China- Flag of China (1912–1928).svg

Republic of Saugeais-

Rhodesia- Flag of Rhodesia (1968–1979).svg

Russian Empire- Flag of Russian Empire for private use (1914–1917) 3.svg

Romani people- Flag of the Romani people.svg

Russian SFSR- Flag of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.svg

Republic of China (Taiwan)- Flag of the Republic of China.svg

Rhode Island- Flag of Rhode Island.svg

Rwanda- Flag of Rwanda.svg

Russia- Flag of Russia.svg

Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville)- Flag of Congo-Léopoldville (1963-1966).svg

Republic of the Rio Grande- Flag of the Republic of the Rio Grande.svg

Republic of Karelia- Flag of Karelia.svg

Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic- Flag of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1918–1937).svg

Russian Empire (House of Romanov)- Flag of the Russian Empire (black-yellow-white).svg

Russia- Flag of Russia (1991–1993).svg

Republic of Formosa- Flag of Formosa 1895.svg

Republic of South Vietnam- FNL Flag.svg

Republic of Taiwan- Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996.svg

Republic of Saugeais- Flagge Fürstentum Reuß jüngere Linie.svg

Republic of the Congo- Flag of the Republic of the Congo.svg

Republika Srpska- Flag of the Republika Srpska.svg

Rhineland-Palatinate- Flag of Rhineland-Palatinate.svg

Republic of the Rif- Flag of the Republic of the Rif.svg

Rhodesia- Flag of Rhodesia (1964–1968).svg

Ras al-Khaimah- Flag of Sharjah.svg

Republic of Madawaska-

Republic of Molossia- Flag of the Republic of Molossia.svg

Republic of West Papua- Morning Star flag.svg

Riograndense Republic- Flag of Piratini Republic.svg

Republic of Texas- Flag of the Republic of Texas (1836–1839).svg

Roman Republic (19th century)- Military flag of the Roman Republic (19th century).svg

Rhenish Republic- Flagge Cisrhenanische Rep (Variante).png

Republic of Serbian Krajina- State Flag of Serbian Krajina (1991).svg

Republic of Entre Ríos- Flag of Entre Rios (1820-1821).svg

Republic of Cabinda- Flag of Cabinda (FLEC propose).svg

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)-

Royalist France- Flag of Royalist France.svg

Repubic of Crete- Bandera de Creta, 1913.svg

Rwanda- Flag of Rwanda (1962–2001).svg

Royal Navy- Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg

Red Army- Red Army flag.svg

Russian Navy- Naval Jack of Russia.svg

Russian Navy- Naval Ensign of Russia.svg

Russian Ground Forces- Flag of the Russian Federation Ground Forces.png

Republic of New Granada- Flag of New Granada.svg

Republic of Alba- Flag of the Republic of Alba.svg

Republic Ancona- Flag of the Repubblica Anconitana.svg

Roman Republic (18th century)- Flag of the Repubblica Romana 1798.svg

Republic of Somaliland- Flag of Somaliland.svg


SFR Yugoslavia- Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg

Serbia- Flag of Serbia.svg

Scotland- Flag of Scotland.svg

South Africa- South Africa Red Ensign.png

Slovakia- Flag of Slovakia.svg

Sápmi- Sami flag.svg

Southern Cameroons- Flag of Southern Cameroons.PNG

Sweden- Flag of Sweden.svg

Sicily- Flag of Sicily.svg

Saudi Arabia- Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg

South Moluccas- Flag of South Moluccas.svg

South Korea- Flag of South Korea.svg

Switzerland- Flag of Switzerland.svg

Saxony- Flagge Königreich Sachsen (1815-1918).svg

Saxony- Flag of Saxony.svg

Saskatchewan- Flag of Saskatchewan.svg

Suriname- Flag of Suriname.svg

South Vietnam- Flag of South Vietnam.svg

South Africa- Flag of South Africa.svg

South Dakota- Flag of South Dakota.svg

South Carolina- Flag of South Carolina.svg

Spain under Franco- Flag of Spain (1945–1977).svg

Spain- Flag of Spain.svg

Somalia- Flag of Somalia.svg

Sudan- Flag of Sudan.svg

Saint Helena- Flag of Saint Helena.svg

Shetland- Flag of Shetland.svg

Sark- Flag of Sark.svg

Solomon Islands- Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg

Singapore- Flag of Singapore.svg

Syria- Flag of Syria.svg

Sri Lanka- Flag of Sri Lanka.svg

Swaziland- Flag of Eswatini.svg

Syria- Flag of Syria (1932-1958; 1961-1963).svg

Sierra Leone- Flag of Sierra Leone.svg

Sakha Republic- Flag of Sakha.svg

Samoa- Flag of Samoa.svg

Soviet Union- Flag of the Soviet Union.svg

Soviet Union- Flag of the Soviet Union (1924–1955).svg

Soviet Union- Flag of the Soviet Union (dark version).svg

South Kasai- Flag of South Kasai.svg

South Ossetia- Flag of South Ossetia.svg

Southern Rhodesia- Flag of Southern Rhodesia (1924–1964).svg

San Theodoros- Flag of San Theodoros.svg

São Rico- Flag of Sao Rico.svg

Syldavia- Flag of Syldavia.svg

San Marcos- Flag of SanMarcos.png

Stavropol Krai- Flag of Stavropol Krai.png

South Australia- Flag of South Australia.svg

South Yemen- Flag of South Yemen.svg

Sultanate of Zanzibar- Flag of the Sultanate of Zanzibar.svg

State of Cambodia- Flag of the State of Cambodia.svg

Selangor- Flag of Selangor.svg

Second Philippine Republic- Philippines flag original.png

Spain under the Restoration- Flag of Spain (1785–1873, 1875–1931).svg

Spain- Flag of Spain 1785.svg

Spain- Bandera de España(1977-1981).gif

Second Spanish Republic- Flag of the Second Spanish Republic.svg

Swedish Empire- Sweden-Flag-1562.svg

Sweden- Sweden-1761-army-fleet.svg

Senegal- Flag of Senegal.svg

Senegal- Flag of Senegal (1958–1959).svg

Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach- Flagge Großherzogtum Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach (1813-1897).svg

Saint Lucia- Flag of Saint Lucia.svg

Saint Lucia-

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines- Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-

State of Katanga- Flag of Katanga.svg

Saarland- Flag of Saarland.svg

Spanish Morocco- Merchant flag of Spanish Morocco.svg

Stellaland- Flag of Stellaland (1883-5).svg

Sharjah- Flag of Sharjah.svg

Serbia and Montenegro- Flag of Serbia and Montenegro (2003–2006).svg

Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma- Flag of The Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.svg

Sac and Fox Nation- Flag of the Sac and Fox Nation.svg

Spanish Empire- Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svg

São Tomé and Príncipe- Flag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg

Seychelles- Flag of Seychelles.svg

Seychelles- Flag of the Seychelles (1977-1996).svg

Seychelles- Flag of the Seychelles (1976-1977).svg

Sudan- Flag of Sudan (1956-1970).svg

Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla- Flag of Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla.svg

Saint Kitts and Nevis- Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg

Slovak Republic (1939-1945)- Flag of Slovakia (1939–1945).svg

Saar (League of Nations)- Flag of Saar 1920-1935.svg

Socialist Republic of Slovenia- Flag of Slovenia (1945–1991).svg

Socialist Republic of Serbia- Flag of Serbia (1947–1992).svg

Socialist Republic of Montenegro- Flag of Montenegro (1946–1993).svg

Socialist Republic of Macedonia- Flag of Macedonia (1946–1992).svg

Socialist Republic of Croatia- Flag of Croatia (1947–1990).svg

Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina- Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1946–1992).svg

Spanish Empire- Flag of the Tercios Morados Viejos.svg

South Carolina- Flag of Fort Moultrie, South Carolina.svg

Saxony-Anhalt- Flag of Saxony-Anhalt.svg

Schleswig-Holstein- Flag of Schleswig-Holstein.svg

South Baden- Flagge Großherzogtum Baden (1891–1918).svg

Sint Maarten-

Soviet Navy- Naval Jack of the Soviet Union.svg

Soviet Navy- Naval Ensign of the Soviet Union (1950-1991).svg

Socialist People's Republic of Albania- Flag of Albania (1946–1992).svg

Second Mexican Empire-

State of Burma- Flag of Burma 1943.gif

State of Aleppo- Flag of the State of Aleppo.svg

State of Damascus- Flag of the State of Damascus.svg

Schutzstaffel- Flag of the Schutzstaffel.svg


Taliban- Flag of Taliban.svg

Tokelau- Flag of Tokelau (local).svg

Trinidad and Tobago-

Trinidad and Tobago- Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg

Tibet- Flag of Tibet.svg

Texas- Flag of Texas.svg

Thailand- Flag of Thailand.svg

Turkey- Flag of Turkey.svg

Tajik SSR- Flag of Tajik SSR.svg

Tajikistan- Flag of Tajikistan.svg

Turkmen SSR- Flag of the Turkmen SSR.svg

Turkmenistan- Flag of Turkmenistan.svg

Tatarstan- Flag of Tatarstan.svg

Tennessee- Flag of Tennessee.svg

Tanganyika- Flag of Tanganyika (1919-1961).svg

Tanganyika- Flag of Tanganyika (1961-1964).svg

Transcaucasian SFSR- Flag of Transcaucasian SFSR.svg

Tunisia- Flag of Tunisia.svg

Tunisia- Flag of Tunisia (1959–1999).svg

Togo- Flag of Togo.svg

Transnistria- Flag of Transnistria (state).svg

Transvaal- Flag of Transvaal.svg

Tuva- Flag of Tuva.svg

Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic- Flag of Tatar ASSR (1954).svg

Transvaal/South African Republic- Flag of Transvaal.svg

Transkei- Flag of Transkei.svg

Tasmania- Flag of Tasmania.svg

Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic- Flag of the Transcaucasian Federation.svg

Tristan da Cunha- Flag of Tristan da Cunha.svg

Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, and South Atlantic Islands Province- Bandera de la Provincia de Tierra del Fuego.svg

Talossa- Flag of the Kingdom of Talossa.svg

Tavolara Island- Flag of Tavolara.gif

Turks and Caicos Islands- Flag of the Turks and Caicos Islands.svg

Timurid dynasty- Timurid.svg

Talysh-Mughan Autonomous Republic- Flag of the Talysh-Mughan Republic.svg

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands- Flag of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.svg

Two Sicilies- Flag of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1816).svg

Tanzania- Flag of Tanzania.svg

Thuringia- Flag of Thuringia.svg

Tuvan People's Republic- Tuvan People's Republic flag 1933-1939.png

Transpadane Republic- Flag of the Repubblica Transpadana.svg


United States of America- Flag of the United States.svg

United States of the Ionian Islands- Flag of the United States of the Ionian Islands.png

Ulster- Flag of Ulster.svg

Union of South Africa- Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg

Uganda Protectorate- Ugandaoflag.gif

Uganda- Flag of Uganda 1962.svg

Uganda- Flag of Uganda.svg

Ukrainian People's Republic- Flag of the Ukranian State.svg

Utah- Flag of Utah.svg

Uruguay- Flag of Uruguay.svg

Udmurtia- Flag of Udmurtia.svg

Ukraine- Flag of Ukraine.svg

Ukrainian SSR- Flag of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.svg

Uzbek SSR- Flag of the Uzbek SSR.svg

Uzbekistan- Flag of Uzbekistan.svg

United Kingdom- Flag of the United Kingdom.svg

United Arab Republic- Flag of the United Arab Republic.svg

United Arab Emirates- Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg

Union between Sweden and Norway- Unionsflagg 1818.png

Union between Sweden and Norway- Unionsorlogsflagg 1815.png

Union between Sweden and Norway- Union Jack of Sweden and Norway (1844-1905).svg

United Kingdom of Libya- Flag of Libya (1951–1969).svg

Upper Volta- Flag of Upper Volta.svg

United Nations- Flag of the United Nations.svg

Umm al-Quwain- Flag of Umm al-Qaiwain.svg

United Suvadive Republic- Flag of the United Suvadive Republic.svg

United States of New Granada- Flag of United States of New Granada.svg

Union of African States- Flag of the Union of African States (1961-1962).svg

Union of African States- Flag of the Union of African States (1958-1961).svg

United Keetoowah Band- UKBflag.png

United States Navy- Naval Jack of the United States.svg

United States Navy- US Naval Jack.svg

United States Army- Flag of the United States Army.gif

United Baltic Duchy- United Baltic Duchy flag.svg


Vinland- Vinland flag.svg

Vatican City- Flag of the Vatican City.svg

Vietnam- Flag of Vietnam.svg

Venezuela- Flag of Venezuela.svg

Virginia- Flag of Virginia.svg

Vermont- Flag of Vermont.svg

Vanuatu- Flag of Vanuatu.svg

Venda- Flag of Venda.svg

Victoria (Australia)- Flag of Victoria (Australia).svg

Vichy France- Flag of Philippe Pétain, Chief of State of Vichy France.svg

Venezuela (first republic)-

Vojvodina- Flag of Vojvodina.svg

Vermont Republic- Flag of the Vermont Republic.svg

Vermont- Flag of Vermont (1804–1837).svg

Vermont- Flag of Vermont (1837–1923).svg


Wales- Flag of Wales.svg

Wisconsin- Flag of Wisconsin.svg

Washington- Flag of Washington.svg

Western Sahara- Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg

Wales- Flag of Wales (1959–present).svg

Wyoming- Flag of Wyoming.svg

West Virginia- Flag of West Virginia.svg

West Indies cricket team- 300px

Western Australia- Flag of Western Australia.svg

Wallonia- Flag of Wallonia.svg

Waziristan- Flag of Waziristan resistance (1930s).svg

West Indies Federation- Flag of the West Indies Federation (1958–1962).svg

West Florida- Bonnie Blue flag of the Confederate States of America.svg

Wituland- Flag of the Witu Protectorate (1893-1920).svg

Wyandot- Wyandot Nation.png

Wichita (tribe)- Bandera Wichita.PNG

West Prussia- Flagge Preußen - Provinz Westpreußen.svg

Washington, D.C.- Flag of the District of Columbia.svg

Württemberg-Hohenzollern- Flagge Königreich Württemberg.svg

Wang Jingwei Government- Flag of the Republic of China-Nanjing (Peace, Anti-Communism, National Construction).svg



Yemen- Flag of Yemen.svg

Yukon- Flag of Yukon.svg

Yemen Arab Republic- Flag of North Yemen.svg

Yap- Flag of Yap.svg

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug- Flag of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.svg

Yaroslavl Oblast- Flag of Yaroslavl Oblast.png


Zanzibar- Flag of Zanzibar.svg

Zaire- Flag of Zaire.svg

Zimbabwe- Flag of Zimbabwe.svg

Zapatista Army of National Liberation- Flag of the EZLN.svg

Zimbabwe Rhodesia- Flag of Zimbabwe Rhodesia.svg

Zambia- Flag of Zambia.svg

Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front- Flag of ZANU-PF.svg


Åland- Flag of Åland.svg