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  • Copyright violations: ~127
  • Unfree Flickr files: ~0
  • Recent unfree Flickr images: ~3
  • No license since 6 July 2024: ~1
  • No source since 6 July 2024: ~195
  • Media uploaded without a license as of 2024-07: ~189


  • Duplicates: ~1
  • Advertisements/spam: ~1
  • Personal photos/selfies: ~4
  • Other speedy deletions: ~8
  • Categories for discussion: 84 months
  • Media requiring a split up: ~1
  • Requests for unblock: ~1
  • Undeletion requests: ~10

Protected edit requests:

  • Full protection: ~3
  • Interface admin: ~15
  • Technical: ~0
  • Template protection: ~1
  • Protection level: ~0

See also: DR, HMS,

Keep an eye on... Missing legal information Backlogs are fun
Protected edit requests (5) 3 Disputed copyright status (2) 20849 Copyright violations (9) 128
Requests for unblock (1) 1 Images with poor sources 375 Duplicate 1
Malformed deletion requests 0 No source (4) 42110 Other speedy deletions (4) 4
Incomplete deletion requests - missing reason 0 Own work claimed 0 Non-free logos 8
Deletion requests - No timestamp given 0 PD images without reason 16 Unsourced reviewed Flickr images 0
Requested moves (all) (377) 0 PD tag needs updating (6) 57 Recent unfree Flickr images 3
© Free Use w/o Rationale 0 Possibly unfree Flickr images reviewed by FlickreviewR 0
No VRTS permission 0 Flickr images needing human review (10) 59
Items missing VRTS ticket ID 0 Possibly unfree Flickr images (2) 0
Consent queried 29 Derivative works with broken file links 0
License review needed (54) 74512 Extracted images with broken file links 2433
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