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This page is a request list for Faebot to maintain a set of dashboard reports for batch upload projects based on Fæ's experience delivering GLAM uploads. There are six different reports generated for a collection of uploaded images:

  • Table of all editors to the file pages.
  • Top 24 most used files in other Wikimedia projects.
  • Top 24 most edited file pages.
  • Top 100 most populated categories in use by files.
  • Top 24 largest files by resolution.
  • Random lists of files for improvement or greater use.

The reports are created on separate subpages of a declared main page. The reports can be easily transcluded to create a "live" dashboard, with reports being updated twice a day. For an example see Commons:Batch_uploading/Wellcome_Images#Reports which has been generated by transcluding the subpages at:

  1. .../Volunteers
  2. .../Wikimedia usage
  3. .../Most edited
  4. .../Popular categories
  5. .../Largest
  6. .../Improvement

Further useful reports may be added based on interest and requests, all projects listed on this page will benefit from them. This tool was inspired by discussion at the 2014 WMNL hosted hackerthon.


Commons:GLAM dashboard has been created as a lay-person's guide to the dashboard pages.

Dashboards may be placed in Category:GLAM dashboard reports; this is applied by {{GLAM dashboard links}} (template currently under development).


To use the GLAM dashboard, Faebot needs to be told in the Requests section below:

  1. Bucket category: The title of a "bucket" category for your project (i.e. the category where all files can be found, such as when using a category associated with the same credit template) or the top parent where a maximum of 2 levels of sub-categories will be used for reporting. Please keep "Category:" in the title.
  2. Reports location: A location where reports will be created as sub-pages. This can be any page on Commons, preferably a special project page rather than a sandbox or group noticeboard. The reports are designed to be relatively simple format for transcluding into project pages or other discussions. Note that reports should preferably not be created as sub-pages of categories, as galleries will be flagged as an error when created in category namespace.
  3. Include sub-categories: Whether the reports need to look for sub-categories, please indicate this by adding a final bullet line with the word "Recursive". Two sub-category levels will be included (i.e. children and grand-children) unless you specify otherwise by adding the number required after "Recursive", such as "Recursive 1" or "Recursive 3". It is inadvisable to add more than about 4 and this might break Faebot if loops are found such as self grand-parents. An arbitrary maximum of 6 levels is enforced.

It is helpful if you can add a last line with your signature so that it is easy to know who to contact in the future and to see the date of the initial request.

If you run into problems drop a note. Remember that updates are twice daily, so expect it to take that long before you see anything. :-)

In addition to the reports, an index to the reports is created at the same level. This can be used on the given Reports location page with {{/index}}, to provide a live index that will update if additional types of reports are added in the future.



Recent changes[edit]

User added categories on the reports were being overwritten, these should now be kept on rewrites. User:Fæ/backlog#glamdashcats
UTF-8 decoding could not handle (apparently) some Polish characters when adding the hover texts to Commons:Senate of Poland/reports/wikimedia usage. A workaround of ignoring non-compliant characters included (decode('utf-8', 'ignore')) which might be sufficient.
I noticed that Commons:Senate of Poland/reports/most edited included a category (hence a blank thumbnail), this report is now filtered to only include files (page namespace=6).
Non-ascii characters in the "bucket category" name was causing it to be skipped (such as Zürich), working after an additional encode('utf-8') added.
Added option of specifying a number for Recursive, this can be used to limit recursion to one level or up to a maximum of 6.


  • Jan 2017, failures of the reports to be updated is down to Lost connection to MySQL server during query problems. The WMF has made it harder to run long queries, so solving this may be difficult.
  • The wikimedia usage report fails to show the page_title in the pop-up for files outside of namespace 6. Not urgent.
  • The largest report is not useful for audio files, a reasonable alternative to be used for resolution. Not urgent.

Feature requests[edit]

Please add requests to the talk page; they will be listed here once accepted.

  • Specify which sub categories to include/ exclude
    • Select by prefix; eg "Category:Royal Society of Chemistry/*"
  • Tailored output for audio files
  • Automatically create a report when a new GLAMwikiToolset upload is run (is this possible?) Wittylama (talk) 13:53, 20 November 2014 (UTC)
  • Create top-level index page (using {{GLAM dashboard links}} when ready).