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Benvenite al portal del communitate de Wikimedia Commons

Es tu nove in Wikimedia Commons? In nostre paginas Prime passos e Benvenite se trova informationes a proposito de Commons e de como contribuer al projecto. Tote le informationes es disponibile in anglese, e le major parte es disponibile etiam in altere linguas. Tu pote cambiar de lingua per cliccar sur le lingua de tu selection in le menu presentate al initio de cata pagina.

Octo millionesime file incargate

Wikimedia Commons ha plus de 8 milliones de files a partir del 30 de decembre 2010.

Nove interfacie de Commons Upload Patrol

Un nove interfacie es disponibile pro le administratores e patruliatores pro assistentia in le controlo de nove files. Vide le documentation in Meta.

Pone questiones sur functionalitate, problemas que tu pote haber, o politica. Similar paginas es disponibile in plure altere linguas.
Bulletin de notas pro administratores
Si tu debe communicar con un administrator, per exemplo a proposito de blocadas e protectiones.
Centro de adjuta
Pro questiones de como usar Commons.
Laboratorio graphic
Un loco pro requestar al wiki-graphicistas de meliorar, nettar o colorar imagines.
Canales IRC
#wikimedia-commons Le canal IRC de Wikimedia Commons
#commons.wikimedia pro sequer le modificationes recente in IRC.
#cvn-commons monstra possible vandalismo
#commons-image-uploads monstra nove files incargate
#commons-translate pro requestas de traduction e collaboration
Lista de diffusion international
Organisation de contento
Creation e incargamento
Requestas de imagine, Ressources pro multimedia libere pro incargamentos a Wikimedia Commons, Le paginas le plus desirate
Questiones de copyright
Subprojectos de Wikimedia Commons
Mantenentia del paginas de adjuta, Commons:Geocoding, Commons:Stroke Order Project e plus WikiProjectos.
Patronos de Wikimedia Commons
Policies and decisions
Wikimedia Commons project scope
The project definition and its derived detailed policy pages on licensing, allowed copyright tags and file types give you important information what we are and what not.
Deletion policy
The deletion policy is closely related to the Wikimedia Commons project scope. They define when and how to delete content that does not belong in Wikimedia Commons for various reasons.
Wikimedia Commons is multilingual. Use Babel in order to find contributors who speak your language. Please add information about the languages you understand to your user page. The language policy is discussed at Commons talk:Language policy.
User's Graphics abilities
Categorizes users by graphic and audio knowledge, abilities or interest on Commons, in order to ease finding help in any area of media expertise. (Part of the Commons 2.0 ! project)
List of administrators and votes on adminship requests. Requests and votes on bot status for bots get handled there too.
Recommendations and howtos
Help index
All help, project, maintenance, discussion, policy pages and further tutorials about how to work in wikis like Wikimedia Commons are listed there. For an overview over the structure of the Wikimedia Commons project itself see Category:Commons.
Recommended software for each media type in order to create and edit the content you want to share at Wikimedia Commons.
Tools for uploading and further maintenance of Wikimedia Commons as for example Commonist for uploading large numbers of images. Tool integration helps you add functionality to your Wikimedia Commons web interface.
How to use Wikimedia Commons' content
Overview on how to embed Wikimedia Commons content into various Wikimedia wikis and how to reuse Commons' content by third parties. See also the media help for software and hints how to watch images and films and listen to audio files provided by Wikimedia Commons. See Featured pictures, Valued images, Picture of the day and Media of the day for particularly valuable content you can reuse.