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Flag of Poland.svg


Polski Polska - Rzeczpospolita Polska

Rzeczpospolita Polska – państwo położone w Europie Środkowej nad Morzem Bałtyckim. Graniczy z Niemcami (na zachodzie), Czechami, Słowacją (na południu), Ukrainą, Białorusią, Litwą (na wschodzie) i Rosją (obwodem kaliningradzkim, na północy), a poprzez granicę morską (granicę wyłącznej strefy ekonomicznej) również z Danią oraz Szwecją.

Other languages Deutsch: Polen ist ein Staat in Mitteleuropa. Das Land grenzt im Norden an die russische Exklave Kaliningrad (210 km) und an Litauen (103 km), im Osten an Weißrussland (416 km) und die Ukraine (529 km), im Süden an die Slowakei (539 km) und Tschechien (790 km) sowie im Westen an Deutschland (467 km). Des Weiteren hat das Land eine 528 km lange Ostseeküste. Insgesamt sind Polens Grenzen 3.582 km lang. Die längste Nord-Süd-Ausdehnung beträgt 790 km, die längste Ost-West-Ausdehnung 680 km
English Poland - Republic of Poland

The Republic of Poland is a country in Central Europe or Eastern Europe, depending on the definition, bordered by ► Germany to the west, the ► Czech Republic and ► Slovakia to the south, ► Ukraine and ► Belarus to the east, and the Baltic Sea, ► Russia (in the form of the Kaliningrad Oblast exclave) and ► Lithuania to the north. It also shares a maritime border with Denmark and Sweden. The total area of Poland is 312,683 sq km (120,728 sq mi) making it the 69th largest country in the world with population over 38.5 million people concentrated mainly in large cities, including the most populated urban area of Poland, Silesian conurbation (albeit administratively divided into separate cities and towns), the present capital of Poland, Warsaw, the historical capital, Kraków, and industrial city of Łódź.

Short name  Poland
Official name Republic of Poland
Status Independent country since the ninth century, interrupted between 1795 and 1918 as well as between 1939 and 1945, member of the ► European Union since 2004
Location Central Europe
Capital Warszawa (Warsaw)
Population 38,382,576 inhabitants
Area 312,683 km²
Major languages Polish (official)
Major religions Roman Catholicism
More information Poland, Geography of Poland, History of Poland and Politics of Poland
More images Poland - Poland (Category).

General maps

Polandmap cia.png Map of Poland
Poland CIA map PL.png Same map in Polish
Poland rel00.jpg Map of Poland
Topo map of poland.jpg Accurate overview map with all cities and much more
Poland topo.jpg Topographic map
Polska relief.jpg Relief map
Regiony Kondrackiego-hipsometria.png Map of physico-geographical regions
Mezoregiony Kondrackiego.png Map of physico-geographical regions
Physico-Geographical Regionalization of Poland.png Map of physico-geographical regionalization
Polska hydrografia2.jpg Hydrographic map
Polskiegranice.png Polish borders
Flumina in limitem orientalem Poloniae.PNG la: In limitem orientalem poloniae sunt: San, Buga, et Svislach

pl: Rzeki na wschodniej granicy Polski (San, Bug i Świsłocz) - mapa w j. łacińskim

en: Rivers on the east border of Poland (San, Bug and Svislach) - map in latin

de: Flüsse an den polnischen Ostgrenzen (San, Bug und Świsłocz) - die Karte in lateinischer Sprache

ru: Реки на восточной границе Польши (Сан, Буг, Свислочь) – карта на латине

Maps of divisions

This section holds maps of the administrative divisions.

POLSKA woj pow gminy.png Poland has three levels of administrative divisions, shown in this map: voivodeships (województwa), counties (powiaty) and communes (gminy).
EC map of poland.png
Map of Poland colorful.png
POLSKA woj pow.png This map shows both the voivodeships (województwa) and the counties (powiaty) of Poland. See the List of counties
POLSKA mapa woj z powiatami.png Voivodeships and counties
Poland powiaty.png Counties (powiaty)
POLSKA mapa powiaty.png Counties
POLSKA mapa powiaty2.png Counties
POLSKA mapa woj z gminami.png Voivodeships and communes. See the List of communes of Poland
Poland gminy.png Communes (gminy)
POLSKA mapa gminy.png Communes
Municipalities in Poland deprived of town privileges.png Municipalities in Poland deprived of town privileges
Pomeraniamap.png Historical Pomerania
Silesia (Now).png Historical Silesia

History maps

This section holds a short summary of the history of the area of present-day Poland, illustrated with maps, including historical maps of former countries and empires that included present-day Poland. Template:Left-par

Celts 800-400BC.PNG Possible extent of (proto-)Celtic influence 800-400 BC
Distribution of Celts in Europe.png Celts in Europe
Pre-roman iron age (map).PNG Pre-Roman iron age (Proto-Germanic) peoples
Pre Migration Age Germanic.png Map showing the pre-Migration Age distribution of the Germanic tribes in Proto-Germanic times, and stages of their expansion up to 50 BC, AD 100 and AD 300.
Antes01.png State of the Antes in the 6th century (around 560), according to the book of Francis Dvornik
White serbia white croatia01.png White Croatia in the 6th century (around 560), according to the book of Francis Dvornik
Slavic peoples 9c map.jpg Map of Slavic peoples in the 8/9c.

Independent Poland

Polska 960 - 992.png Map of Poland 960-992
Polska 992 - 1025.png Map of Poland 992-1025
Polska 1039 - 1058.png Map of Poland 1039-1058
Mon Henrykow Slaskich (1201-1241).png Poland 1201-1241
Polska za W Lokietka (1275-1300).png Poland 1275-1300
Polska za W Lokietka (1304-1333).png Poland 1304-1333
Polska 1333 - 1370.png Poland 1333-1370
Nagy Lajos királyságai.JPG Poland and Hungary in 1360
Haupthandelsroute Hanse.png Hanseatic trade routes
Polska 1386 - 1434.png Poland and Lithuania during reign of Władysław II Jagiełło 1386-1434 since Ilustrowany atlas historii Polski, wyd. Demart, Warszawa 2006
Two-nat.Rep 1386-1434.png English version of Poland and Lithuania during reign of Władysław II Jagiełło 1386-1434 since Hans-Erich Stier (dir.) Grosser Atlas zur Weltgeschichte, Westermann 1985, ISBN 3-14-100919-8
IRP 1466.PNG In 1386 Poland and Lithuania formed a Polish-Lithuanian personal union. Large parts of present-day Belarus and Ukraine were part of Poland-Lithuania. This map shows the borders in 1466
Jagiellon countries 1490.PNG In the years 1490-1526 Poland, Lithuania, Bohemia and Hungary were ruled by Polish Jagiellon dynasty
Poland and Lithuania in 1526.PNG Poland and Lithuania in 1526

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Herb Obojga Narodow.PNG 1569-1795: Commonwealth of Two Nations {Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów, Abiejų Tautų Respublika} - Independent country, better known as Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

In 1569 the personal union is succeeded by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a state that existed until the 3rd partition of 1795.
Irp1569.jpg Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 1569
Location-Pol-Lith-Commonwealth.png Location of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth 1619 map.png Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth compared with present borders
Religions in Poland 1573.PNG Religions in Poland 1573
Rzeczpospolita Potop.png Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
Polish-Swedish union 1592-1599.PNG Polish-Swedish Union 1592-1599
Rzeczpospolita 1600.png Commonwealth 1600
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1619.PNG Commonwealth in 1619
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 1635.png Commonwealth 1635
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1648.PNG Commonwealth 1648
IRP1658.png Commonwealth 1658
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1660.PNG Commonwealth 1660
Irp1686.png Commonwealth 1686
Rzeczpospolita voivodships.png Commonwealth, division in voivodships
IRP.PNG Commonwealth 1701
Religions in Poland 1750.PNG Religions in Poland 1750
Poland1764physical.jpg Physical map of Poland-Lithuania 1764
7yearswar.PNG 7 years war 1756-1762
Bar Confederation 1768-1772.PNG Bar Confederation 1768-1772
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1772.PNG Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as a protectorate of Russian Empire in 1772
Karte polnischeteilungen4.jpg The partitions of the Commonwealth
Rzeczpospolita Rozbiory 1.png Commonwealth after 1st partition
PolishRuswar1792.PNG Polish-Russian War 1792
PolRuswar 1792.JPG
Rzeczpospolita Rozbiory 2.png Commonwealth after 2nd partition
Rp 1794.jpg Poland 1794

Divided Poland

Rzeczpospolita Rozbiory 3.png The third partition meant the end of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the final division between Prussia, Russia and Austria after 3rd partition
Acprussiamap2.gif Border changes between Poland and Prussia 1600-1795
Duchy of Warsaw and Republic of Danzig.JPG Duchy of Warsaw and Republic of Gdańsk, during the Napoleon era
Herzogtum-Warschau.png Duchy of Warsaw
Duchyofwarsaw1810.jpg Duchy of Warsaw 1810/Ks. Warszawskie 1810
Wmkrakow.jpg Wolne Miasto Kraków, 1815-1846
Wmkrakow gb.jpg Free City of Cracow, 1815-1846
Map of the Kingdom of Galicia, 1914.jpg Physical map of Galicia 1846-1918
Galicia administrative1914.jpg Galicia, administrative 1914
KingdomofPoland1815.jpg Kingdom of Poland 1815-1831
Wmgdansk1807 15.jpg Wolne Miasto Gdańsk 1807-1815/Free City Gdańsk/Danzig 1807-1815
Congress Poland in 1815.PNG Congress Poland, Grand Duchy of Posen and Free City of Kraków in 1815
Karte kongresspolen.png Poland 1815-30 (Congress Poland), inside the Russian Empire
Russia ethnic.JPG Ethnic map of European Russia before the First World War (in French)
Polska 1907 adm.png Congress Poland, administrative division as of 1907
LocationRussianEmpire1914.png The Russian Empire in 1914
Meyers b14 s0080a.jpg History of the Russian Empire (in German)
Ac.prussiamap3.png Borders between Poland and Prussia 1807-1871
Rzeczpospolita Krakowska 1815.png Republic of Cracow 1815
Austria-Hungary map.svg Galicia (Central Europe), annexed by Austria became in 1867 part of the Austria half of Austria-Hungary (nr. 6).
Location Austria Hungary 1914.png Location of Austria-Hungary
Kingdom of Galicia.png Kingdom of Galicia
Austro-Hungary 1914.jpg
Greater austria.png Proposed United States of Greater Austria
Österreich-Ungarns Ende.png The end of Austria-Hungary (in German)

Independent Poland

PBW March 1919.png After the Russian revolution, Poland regained independence. A war between Poland and the new regime in Russia started March 1919
PBW December 1919.png December 1919
PBW June 1920.png June 1920
PBW August 1920.png August 1920
Battle of Warsaw - Phase 1.png Battle of Warsaw (1920) - Phase 1
Battle of Warsaw - Phase 1.svg Battle of Warsaw (1920) - Phase 1
Battle of Warsaw - Phase 2.png Battle of Warsaw (1920) - Phase 2
Battle of Warsaw - Phase 2.svg Battle of Warsaw (1920) - Phase 2
Rzeczpospolita 1922.png Borders of newly independent Poland after the Peace Treaty of Riga of 1921
Wmgdansk.jpg Wolne Miasto Gdańsk 1920-1939/Free City Gdańsk/Danzig 1920-1939
Poland1937linguistic.jpg Languages of Poland 1937
Poland1939 physical.jpg Physical map of Poland 1938-39
Germanborders.png Border changes between Poland and Germany 1919-45
Rzeczpospolita 1920 claims names.png Foreign claims in Poland in 1920
Rzeczpospolita 1789-1920.png Comparison 1789-1920
Poland 1939.png Poland between 1921 and 1939
Polen 1921-1939.png Poland 1921-1939
Poland administrative division 1922.png Administrative division in 1922
II RP adm.png Same map in Polish
Narody2RP.png Nationalities in Poland
Location Free City of Danzig 1923-DE.png Locator map of Free City of Danzig 1923-1939
Rzeczpospolita Central Lithuania.png Republic of Central Lithuania
Rzeczpospolita Lithuania claims.png Lithuania claims and the Republic of Central Lithuania
Border-Lithuania-Poland-1919-1939.svg Changing border between Lithuania and Poland
Curzon line en.svg Curzon line
German territorial losses 1919 and 1945.svg Borders with Germany
Poland1939 after 14 Sep.png Situation in 1939
Second World War Europe.png Situation in 1939 in a European context
Reichsgaue.png Administrative districts in territories under the control of Nazi Germany in 1941, inclusive Poland.
Germany1941.png Idem
Second world war europe 1941-1942 map en.png Eastern front of the Second World War circa 1941-1942.
[[|border|251x400px]] Main German Nazi concentration and extermination camps. Bordures from 1943.
Oder-neisse.gif Oder-Neisse border between Poland and Germany
Oder-neisse-line border.gif Oder Neisse Linie
Map of Poland (1945).png Changing of the borders
Karte viertepolnischeteilung.png idem
Map of Poland (1945) rus.png Border changes after WW2 (Russian text)
POLSKA 22-08-1944.png Administrative division of Poland as of August 22, 1944
POLSKA 14-03-1945.png Administrative division of Poland as of March 14, 1945
POLSKA 01-04-1945.png Administrative division of Poland as of April 1, 1945
POLSKA 07-04-1945.png Administrative division of Poland as of April 7, 1945
POLSKA 09-08-1945.png Administrative division of Poland as of August 9, 1945
POLSKA 18-08-1945.png Administrative division of Poland as of August 18, 1945
POLSKA 28-06-1946.png Administrative division of Poland as of June 28, 1946
Administrative division of Poland (1946).svg Administrative division in 1946
Poland administrative division 1957.PNG Administrative division in 1957
Administrative division of Poland (1957).svg Administrative division in 1957
PRL 1968 adm.png Administrative division in 1968
Poland administrative division 1975.png Administrative division in 1975

History of other entities


Gdansk flag.svg 1923-1939: Free City of Gdańsk (Freie Stadt Danzig/Wolne Miasto Gdańsk) - free city under protection of the League of Nations

Location Free City of Danzig 1923-DE.png In 1923 the city of Gdańsk became a Free City under protection of the Leage of Nations. Gdańsk was annexed by Germany in 1939 and is now part of Poland.

Old maps

This section holds copies of original general maps more than 70 years old.

English map of Poland XVIII century.png English map of Poland - XVIII century
Galicia1836.gif Poland in 1836
Gubernie zachodnie krolestwo polskie 1902.jpg Poland in 1902

Other maps

Poland airports 2004.png Airports
Poland airports 2011plusUnderConstruction.png Polish airports in 2011 - passenger traffic
Poland airports 2007.svg Polish airports in 2007 - passenger traffic
Poland airports 2006.svg Polish airports in 2006 - passenger traffic
Poland airports 2005.png Polish airports in 2005 - passenger traffic
CatholicDiocesesPoland2004.svg Catholic Dioceses

Satellite maps

Satellite image of Poland in February 2003.jpg Satellite map
Poland-satellite.jpeg Satellite map
Polska-mapa satelitarna1.JPG Satellite map

Notes and references

General remarks:

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  • Historical maps are included in the continent, country and dependency entries.
  • The status of various entities is disputed. See the content for the entities concerned.
  • The maps of former countries that are more or less continued by a present-day country or had a territory included in only one or two countries are included in the atlas of the present-day country. For example the Ottoman Empire can be found in the Atlas of Turkey.

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