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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Español Puerto Rico - Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico

El Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico es una isla en la parte oriental del Mar Caribe, colonia de Estados Unidos desde el año 1898 . En el 1952 se conformó el llamado "Estado Libre Asociado", a veces traducido como "commonwealth", pero que no debe ser confundido con la Mancomunidad, puesto que el E.L.A. es una fórmula de autonomía política interna limitada de naturaleza territorial, por lo que carece de soberanía. El archipiélago está formado por la isla de Puerto Rico (la menor de las Antillas Mayores) y varias islas, islotes y cayos, entre los que se encuentran las islas de Mona, Vieques y Culebra.

English Puerto Rico - Freely Associated State of Puerto Rico[1] / Commonwealth of Puerto Rico[2]

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a United States unincorporated territory with Commonwealth status located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the ► Dominican Republic and west of the ► United States Virgin Islands; about 1,000 miles of the south coast of Florida. The archipelago of Puerto Rico includes the main island of Puerto Rico, the smallest of the Greater Antilles, and a number of smaller islands and keys, the largest of which are Mona, Vieques, and Culebra. Puerto Ricans sometimes refer to their island as Borikén, or the Spanish variant Borínquen, a name for the island used by indigenous Taíno people.

Short name Puerto Rico
Official name Freely Associated State of Puerto Rico[1] / Commonwealth of Puerto Rico[2]
Status Freely associated state with the ► United States, American since 1898
Location Caribbean
Capital San Juan
Population 3,193,694 inhabitants
Area 9,104 km²
Major language(s) Spanish, English
Major religion(s) Roman Catholicism
More information Puerto Rico, Geography of Puerto Rico, History of Puerto Rico and Politics of Puerto Rico
More images Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico (Category).

General maps

Map of Puerto Rico
Map of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
Municipalities of Puerto Rico
Barrios of Puerto Rico
Spanish Virgin Islands, part of Puerto Rico
Geography of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Trench

Thematic maps

Immigration to Puerto Rico
Map of the ecosystems

Satellite maps

Satellite map

Notes and references

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  1. English translation of Spanish name
  2. English official name

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