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Europe location ALB.png

Flag of Albania.svg


Shqip Shqipëria - Republika e Shqipërisë

Shqipëria është një vend mesdhetar i cili shtrihet në juglindje të Evropës, në perëndim të Gadishullit Ballkanik, me koordinatat gjeografike: 41°19'39" gjerësi veriore dhe 19°49'8" gjatësi lindore. Shqipëria ka një sipërfaqe prej 28.748 km².

English Albania - Republic of Albania

The Republic of Albania is a Balkan country in Southeastern Europe. It borders ► Montenegro to the north, ► Kosovo to the northeast, the ► Republic of Macedonia in the east, and ► Greece in the south. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the west and a coast on the Ionian Sea to the southwest.

Short name  Albania
Official name Republic of Albania
Status Independent country since 1912
Location South-East Europe
Capital Tiranë (Tirana)
Population 2,845,955 inhabitants
Area 28,748 square kilometres (11,100 sq mi)
Major languages Albanian (official)
Major religions Islam, Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism
More information Albania, Geography of Albania, History of Albania and Politics of Albania
More images Albania - Albania (Category).

General maps

Albanien karte.png Map of Albania
Un-albania.png Map of Albania
Albania relief.jpg Shaded relief map of Albania
Albania map-en.svg Topographic map of Albania
Flag map of Albania.svg Flag map of Albania
000 Shqipëria harta.PNG Blank map of Albania
Albania map blank.svg Blank map of Albania
AlbaniaDistretti&PrefettureNumerati.png Districts (Rrethe) and Counties (Qarku) of Albania
Albania districts named.png Districts (Rrethe)
Autostrada shqiperi Netzwerk.PNG Road map of Albania

History maps

This section holds a short summary of the history of the area of present-day Albania, illustrated with maps, including historical maps of former countries and empires that included present-day Albania.

1000BC Migrations Europe.png Illyrian migration
Proto-Illyrian & Illyrian Precursors Ethnogenesis Map (English).svg Illyrian ethnogenesis
PrehistoricIllyrians.png Prehistoric Illyrian sites and cultures
PrehistoricIllyriansMap.jpg Prehistoric Illyrian sites and cultures
Glasinac culture.png Iron Age Glasinac culture (around 300 BC)
Illyrian tribes-en.png Ethnic territory of the Illyrians and Illyrian tribes (8th-3rd century BC)
Illyrian colonies in Italy 550 BCE.jpg Illyrians in the Balkans and Italy in 550 BC
Grcka kolonizacija 550 st. ere.jpg Illyrians in the Balkans and Italy in 550 BC
DionysiusMapAgesilaus.png Map of Dionysius of Syracuse's military attempts to place Alcetas in the throne of the Molossians (385 BC) - army of Illyrian / Dardanian king Bardyllis also participated in this military intervention
Illyrian Tribes satellite Map (English).svg Illyrian tribes in the Balkans and Italy prior to Roman conquest
Illyrians (English).svg Illyrians, Illyria Barbara, Illyria Graeca, Illyrians Proper and Environs
Approximate Extent of the Illyrian Territories (English).png Approximate extent of the Illyrian territories prior to Roman conquest
Tribes in Illyria (English).svg Illyrian tribes in the Balkans and Italy prior to Roman conquest
Illyrian Tribes Visually impaired version (English).svg Illyrian tribes in the Balkans and Italy prior to Roman conquest
Roman period tribes in Illyria and Lower Pannonia.png Illyrian tribes in the Balkans
Illyrians dalmatia.jpg Illyrians in the Balkans prior to Roman conquest
Illyrii Proprie Dicti aka Illyrians Proper aka Docleatae.svg (svg) Illyrians proper prior to Roman conquest
Map of ancient Epirus and environs.png Illyrian tribes and cities in the southern Balkans (4th century BC)
Map of ancient Epirus and environs (English).svg (svg) Illyrian tribes and cities in the southern Balkans (4th century BC)
Anachronistic Map of the Balkans (English).svg History of Albania, Classical antiquity compared to modern borders
KingdomofAgron.png Illyrian Kingdom of Agron (250 BC - 230 BC)
KingdomofTeuta.png Illyrian Kingdom of Teuta (230 - 228 BC)
Adriatic Coast 228 BC 3rd century (English).svg 228 BC Adriatic Coast)
Illyria and Dardania Kingdoms (228 BC) (English).svg 228 BC Illyrian & Dardanian Kingdoms)
Adriatic Coast 230 BC 3rd century (English).svg 230 BC Adriatic Coast)
Illyria and Dardania Kingdoms (230 BC) (English).svg 230 BC Illyrian & Dardanian Kingdoms)
Map of the Kingdom of Teuta of the Ardiaei (English).svg 230-228 BC Teuta's Kingdom)
Map of the territory of Demetrius of Pharos (English).svg 228-220 BC Roman Client state governed by Demetrius of Pharos)
Adriatic Coast 237 BC 3rd century (English).svg 237 BC Adriatic Coast)
Map of the Kingdom of Agron of the Ardiaei (English).svg 250-230 BC Agron's Kingdom)
Illyria and Dardania Kingdoms.png Illyrian kingdoms of Illyria and Dardania (3rd century BC, around 230 BC)
228-220BC-DemetriusofPharos.png Roman Client state governed by Demetrius of Pharos (228 - 220 BC)
200bc2ndMacedonianwar.png Roman protectorate in 200 BC
[[|border|251x400px]] Illyrian Kingdom of Gentius (181 BC - 167 BC)
IllyriaMakedonia.png Ancient Illyria during Third Macedonian War, 2nd century BC
AncientgrsetlinAlb.svg Ancient Greek settlements in Albania
Roman expansion 264 BC Shepherd.jpg Territorial development of the Roman Empire 264 BC-192, including the conquest of present-day Albania
Expansion of Rome, 2nd century BC.gif Roman Republic 100 BC
Dardanian Kingdom (English).svg Dardanian Kingdom in relation to later Roman Provinces
IllyricumAD6RomanConditionofTribes.png Illyrian tribes in the Balkans in 6 AD
Great Illyrian Revolt (English).svg Great Illyrian uprising, 6-9 AD
Rivolta pannonica 6 jpg.JPG Illyrian uprising in 6 AD
Rivolta pannonica 7 jpg.jpg Illyrian uprising in 7 AD
Rivolta pannonica 8.jpg Illyrian uprising in 8 AD
Rivolta pannonica 9.jpg Illyrian uprising in 9 AD
Roman Empire in 50 BC.png Map of the Roman Empire in 50
Roman Empire.png The extent of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire;
  133 BC
  44 BC (late Republic, after conquests by republican generals)
  AD 14 (death of Augustus)
  117 (maximum extension)
Roman provinces in a 1867 school atlas.jpg Roman province of Illyricum
Roman provinces of Illyricum, Macedonia, Dacia, Moesia, Pannonia and Thracia.jpg Roman provinces of Illyricum and Macedonia
Romia Imperio.png Map of the Roman Empire in 116
Roman empire.png Roman Empire in 117
Illyricum (Imperium Romanum).png Roman province of Illyricum
Illyricum SPQR.png Roman province of Illyricum
Macedonia (Imperium Romanum).png Roman province of Macedonia
Macedonia SPQR.png Roman province of Macedonia
Albani150ADRomanEmpire.png The location of the Albani (Albanoi) tribe 150 AD in the Roman province of Macedon, Albanopolis may have been in the same location
Post Roman Balkans.jpg Albani tribe (located on the bottom left on the map)
Roman Empire Map AlexanderFindlay1849.png Roman Balkans, the Albani appear at 150 AD
Ancient Epirus & Modern Borders (Colored).svg Roman province of Epirus Nova (Illyria Graeca), 3rd-4th century
Ancient Epirus & Modern Borders.svg (svg) Roman province of Epirus Nova (Illyria Graeca), 3rd-4th century
Ancient balkans 4thcentury.png Roman province of Praevalitana, 4th century
Tetrarchy map3.jpg Territory of emperor Galerius during the Tetrarchy
Prefecture of Illyricum map.png Roman prefecture of Illyricum, 4th century
Praetorian Prefectures of the Roman Empire 395 AD.png Roman prefecture of Illyricum, 4th century
Southeast Europe in the 450s AD.png Roman prefecture of Illyricum, 4th century
Roman empire 395.jpg Roman Empire divided 395, showing the dioceses and praetorian prefectures of Gaul, Italy, Illyricum and Oriens (east), roughly analogous to the four Tetrarch zones of influence after Diocletian's reforms.
Aquincum-esp.jpg Roman dioceses of Macedonia and Dacia
Theodosius I's empire.png The division of the Empire after the death of Theodosius I, ca.395 AD superimposed on modern borders.
Rome406.jpeg Division of the Roman Empire in 406
Invasions of the Roman Empire 1.png Invasions of the Roman Empire 100-500
Karte völkerwanderung.jpg Invasions of the Roman Empire 100-500
628px-Western and Eastern Roman Empires 476AD(3).PNG Eastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire, c.476
EasternRomanEmpire.png Eastern Roman Empire
Justinien 527-565.svg Eastern Roman Empire under emperor Justinianus
Justinian Byzanz.png Eastern Roman Empire under emperor Justinianus
Romanian origins map.PNG Albanians in the 5th-10th century
Byzantine Empire animated.gif Map of the changes in borders of the Byzantine Empire
Byzantium550.png Byzantine Empire 550
Albania kosovo macedonia 6 8 century.png Ethnic Albanians in the Balkans, 6th-8th century (according to the historical atlas for schools, published in Belgrade in 1970, representing a view of Yugoslav historians from that time)
Slav-7-8-obrez.png Ethnic Albanians in the Balkans, 7th-8th century
ByzantineEmpire867AD3.PNG The Byzantine Empire at the accession of Basil I, c. 867
Devolskikomitat.jpg Devol province of the Bulgarian Empire (9th-10th century) and Great Devol province (11th-12th century)
Byzantium1025.jpg The Byzantine Empire under Basil II, c. 1025
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-fr.svg Byzantine Empire 1025
Byzantiumforecrusades.PNG The Byzantine Empire at the accession of Alexios I Komnenos, c. 1081
Byzantium in 1170(3).PNG Map of the Byzantine Empire under Manuel Komnenos, c.1170.
Manuel'sEmpire.png Byzantine Empire 1180
Epir1205-1230.png The despotate of Epirus from 1205 to 1230
Epiro1230-1251.png The despotate of Epirus from 1230 to 1251
ShepherdByzempire1265.jpg The Byzantine Empire and Despotate of Epirus in 1265 (William R. Shepherd, Historical Atlas, 1911).
ByzantineEmpire1265.svg Byzantine Empire and Despotate of Epirus in 1265
Epir1252-1315.png The despotate of Epirus from 1252 to 1315 and Kingdom of Albania (Regnum Albaniae) under Anjou rule in 1272
13001350ALBANIANMIGRATIONS.png Albanian (& Vlach) migrations in 1300-1350 AD at Epirus Nova
Epir1315-1358.png The despotate of Epirus from 1315 to 1358 and Serbian Empire of Stefan Dušan
Byzantine empire 1355.jpg Serbian Empire of Stefan Dušan in 1355
Serbia 1360 en.png Map of the Serbian Empire in 1360 with territories ruled by Albanian local rulers - Karl Topia, Peter Losha and Gjin Bua Spata
Empire of the romans and serbs en.png Empire of the Romans (Greeks) and Serbs and whole Albania (Empire of Simeon Uroš - Siniša), 14th century
Central balkans 1373 1395.png Territory of Albanian local rulers after the collapse of the Serbian Empire in the second half of the 14th century
League of Lezha.JPG League of Lezhë - Albanian state under Skanderbeg in 1444–1479
Balkans peoples XV-XVIIth century.png Albanian state under Skanderbeg in 1449
Venetian property, and invasion of the Serbian Despotate (Djuradj Brankovic).svg Venetian possessions in northern Albania in 1448
Venetian seside properties in Montenegro 1448.svg Venetian possessions in northern Albania in 1448
Ottoman small animation.gif Growth of the Ottoman Empire
Meyers b15 s0924a.jpg Development of the European part of the Ottoman Empire
Ottoman empire 1481-1683.jpg Growth of the Ottoman Empire
[[|border|251x400px]] Map of the Ottoman Empire 1566
Ottoman 1683.png Location of the Ottoman Empire in 1683
OttomanEmpire1801.jpg Map of the Ottoman Empire 1801
Balkans1912.jpg Balkans after 1856
Albanski vilajet.png Albanian vilayet, proposed by the League of Prizren in 1878
Albanian vilayet.jpg Albanian vilayet, proposed by the League of Prizren in 1878
League of Prizren.jpg Albanian vilayet, proposed by the League of Prizren in 1878
Balkans at 1905.jpg Ottoman provinces in the Balkans in 1905
Serbia montenegro albania1913 01.png Independent Albania in 1912-1913; territories under Albanian de facto control
First Balkan War-tr.svg Independent Albania in 1912-1913; territories recognized as parts of Albanian state
Macedonia 1913 map.png Independent Albania in 1912-1913; territories recognized as parts of Albanian state
Srpska osvajanja 1912.png Serbian occupation of Albania in 1912
Srpska osvajanja 1913.png Serbian occupation of Albania in 1913
Serbian greater expansion 1913.png Serbian occupation of Albania in 1913
Map of the Balkans (1913) - fr.svg Albania in 1913
Ro080224.jpg Albania in 1917
Stammesgebiete Nordalbanien 1918.png North Albania in 1918
Albania Map (The People's Atlas 1920).jpg Albania in 1920
Griechische Gegenoffensive.png Greek counteroffensive in 1940
Griechische-Offensive-3.png Greek counteroffensive in 1940
Albania Greek occupation.png Greek occupation of south Albania, November 1940 - March 1941
Map of Albania during WWII.png Greater Albania in 1941
GranAlbania1941.svg Greater Albania in 1941
Kosovo 1913-1992 CIA.jpg Greater Albania in 1941-1944
Balcans 1942.gif Greater Albania in 1942
Western Balkans 1942.2008.png Greater Albania in 1942
Balkanska federacija.png Balkanic federation whose creation was proposed after World War II
Albania (1946-1991).png Albania, 1946-1991
Kosovo refugees 1999.gif Kosovo refugees in Albania in 1999
Albania map.png Map of Albania and bordering countries from 2003 to 2006

Ethnic, linguistic and religion maps

Balkans-ethnic (1861).jpg Ethnic map (1861)
CarlSaxET1877.jpg Ethnic map (1877)
Epirus ethnic (Greek point of view).JPG Ethnographic map of the Epirus region, 1878. Greek point of view
Ernst-Ravenstein-Balkans-Ethnic-Map-1880.jpg Ethnic map (1880)
Andree64-1.jpg Peoples at the Balkan Peninsula, Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas, 1st Edition, Leipzig (Germany) 1881
Southwestern Balkans 1890.JPG Ethnic map of the Southwestern Balkan Peninsula (1890)
Balkans-ethnique.JPG Ethnic map (1898)
Albania-ethnique1898.jpg Ethnic map (1898)
Copy of NL26 1F.jpg Vlachs in Albania at the beginning of the XX century
EthnicAlbania1911.jpg Ethnic map (1911)
Distribution of Races on the Balkans in 1923.jpg Ethnic map of the Balkans (1923)
Ethnic composition of Albania, municipality data of 1989 census.gif Ethnic composition of Albania, municipality data of 1989 census
AlbaniansOutsideAlbania.png Distribution of Albanians outside Albania
Albanians in Europe.jpg Albanians in Europe
Number of Albanians by state.png Number of Albanians by state
HgE1b1b1a2.png The distribution of Haplogroup E-V13 in Europe
AlbaniaTraditionalCommunitiesByLanguageAndReligion.png Traditional linguistic and religious communities in Albania
Historical location of Slavic groups that inhabited Albania in the early 20th century.x400px thumb
Gora Region between Kosovo and Albania.png Gora Region between Kosovo and Albania
South-Balkan-Romance-languages.png Vlachs in Albania
Distribution map of the Albanian language.jpg Albanian dialects
Dialects of the Albanian Language.png Albanian dialects
Albania Orthodox Diocese.png Orthodox Dioceses in Albania
Roman Catholic Diocese in Albania.png Roman Catholic Dioceses in Albania

Other maps

AL MAP S.flu.JPG The Swine flu spread in Albania, as of July, 25th, 2009


Storalbanien.gif Map of proposed Greater Albania
Ethnic albania.jpg Map of proposed Greater Albania
Presence of Albanians in "Greater Albania"-2.PNG Presence of Albanians in proposed Greater Albania

Old maps

Stammesgebiete Nordalbanien 1918.png North Albania in 1918

Satellite maps

Albania space.jpg Satellite map

Districts of Albania

Notes and references

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