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The Wikimedia Atlas of the World is an organized and commented collection of geographical, political and historical maps available at Wikimedia Commons.
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The introductions of the country, dependency and region entries are in the native languages and in English. The other introductions are in English.

Map Greco-Persian Wars-en.svg

Atlas of the antiquity

The Atlas of the antiquity has to be filled with maps. More information: Update the atlas.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt map-en.svg Ancient Egypt, from the delta to the fifth cataract, shows selection of the most important cities

Ancient Greece

Pelasgian presence in ancient texts (English).svg Pelasgian Presence mentioned by ancient writers
Life of Orpheus Greek Mythology (Extra Details).svg The life of Orpheus
Life of Orpheus Greek Mythology.svg The life of Orpheus (svg, translatable)
Expulsion of the Pieres from the region of Olympus to the region of Pangaion by the Macedonians (English).svg Expulsion of the Pieres from the region of Olympus to the region of Pangaion by the Macedonians
Route of Karanos to establish his own kingdom (English).svg Karanus of Macedon
The Beginnings of Historic Greece 700 - 600 B.C..jpg The Beginnings of Historic Greece. 700 - 600 B.C.
[[|border|251x400px]] Hellenic Battles,700-168 BC
Battles of Ancient Greece 700-168 BC (English).svg Hellenic Battles,700-168 BC [svg]
Map of Archaic Greece (English).jpg The archaic period in Greece (750 BC – 480 BC)
Graecia Antiqua Map of Ancient Greece 1809.jpg old Map of Ancient Greece
Graecia Antiqua Map of Ancient Greece made in 1814.jpg old Map of Ancient Greece
Graecia Vetus Map of Ancient Greece.jpg Graecia Vetus
Ancient Greece Northern Part Map.jpg Ancient Greece, Northern part
Ancient Greek southern regions.png Ancient Greece, southern regions
Ancient Greek Northern regions (English).svg Ancient Greece, northern regions
Ancient Greek Colonies of N Black Sea.png Ancient Greek colonies on the northern coast of the Black Sea
Map Greco-Persian Wars-en.svg Persian Wars of the 5th Cent BCE
Persian invasion.png Persian invasion of Greece (480 BC-479 BC)
Dionysius of Syracuse military expedition for Alcetas Map (English).png Dionysius of Syracuse's military attempts to place Alcetas in the throne of the Molossians, 385 BC
GreekCitiesMapIllyriaAdriatic.png Greek cities in the Adriatic coast
362BCThebanHegemony.png 371 BC - 362 BC, Theban Hegemony
Expansion of Macedon (English).svg Expansion of Macedon, 431 BC, 336 BC
Epirus antiquus tabula.png Ancient Epirus
Map of ancient Epirus and environs (English).svg Epirus & Environs (svg)
Map of ancient Epirus and environs.png Epirus & Environs
Map of the Pyrrhic War (280–275 BC) (English).jpg Pyrrhic Wars, (280–275 BC)
250bcAntigonusIIGonatas.jpg Antigonus II Gonatas, northern border at 250 bc
240bcAntigonusIIGonatas.jpg Antigonus II Gonatas, northern border at 240 bc
218BCMAPMEDITERRANEAN.jpg Mediterranean at 218 BC
200bc2ndMacedonianwar.png 2nd Macedonian War, 200 BC

Ancient Rome

see: Atlas of Ancient Rome

Expansion of Rome, 2nd century BC.gif Expansion of Rome, 2nd century BC
Hannibal route of invasion.gif Route of Hannibal's invasion
Extent of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between 218 BC and 117 AD.png Extent of the Roman Empire in 218 BC (dark red), 133 BC (light red), 44 BC (orange), AD 14 (yellow), later acquisitions (green) and Trajan's Eastern conquests (light green)
RomanDardaniaMoesiaSuperior1.png Roman provinces in the central Balkans
Roman provinces of Illyricum, Macedonia, Dacia, Moesia, Pannonia and Thracia.jpg Roman Provinces
Roman Empire Map AlexanderFindlay1849.png Roman era Balkans
Europa60AD.jpeg Roman Empire boundaries between 60-400 AD
Theodosius I's empire.png boundaries of the western and eastern Roman empires after the death of Theodosius I, in 395 AD
Praetorian Prefectures of the Roman Empire 395 AD.png Praetorian Prefectures of the Roman Empire (395 AD)
Invasions of the Roman Empire 1.png "barbarian" invasions of the Roman Empire showing the major incursions from 100 to 500 CE


Post Roman Balkans.jpg Roman era Balkans
Dacia 82 BC.png Dacia 82 B.C.
Roman provinces in a 1867 school atlas.jpg Dacia in Ist century A.D.
Roman province of Dacia (106 - 271 AD).svg The Roman province of Dacia


ThracianLanguageMap.jpg Thracian language extent according to Duridanov
Ancient Thrace after Hoddinot, Fol & Cah (English).png Ancient Thrace
Thraciae-veteris-typvs.jpg ancient Thrace,map made in 1585
Odrysian kingdom of Thrace & Environs (English).svg Odrysian kingdom 431 BC
Map of ancient Paeonia and environs (English).svg Paeonia & Environs
Map of the Paeonian Tribes (English).svg Paeonia & Environs
PaeoniaPaioniaB.jpg Paeonia
PaeoniaPaioniaMap.png Paionia
ThracianTribes.jpg Tribes in Thrace & Celtic migrations
Gaul Migration Map (English).svg Celtic migrations
Tribes in Ancient Thrace (English).svg Tribes in Thrace
TribesinThrace.jpg Tribes in Thrace
Map of Triballi tribe (English).jpg Triballi


Proto-Illyrian & Illyrian Precursors Ethnogenesis Map (English).svg Illyrian Etnogenesis
Map of Prehistoric Sites & Cultures Illyrian v2 (English).png Prehistoric Illyrians;Sites and Cultures
Map of Prehistoric Sites & Cultures Illyrian v1 (English).jpg Prehistoric Illyrians;Sites and Cultures
Tribes in Illyria (English).svg Illyrian tribes
Illyrians (English).svg Illyrians, Illyria Barbara, Illyria Graeca, Illyrians Proper and Environs
Approximate Extent of the Illyrian Territories (English).png Approximate extent of the Illyrian territories prior to Roman conquest
Illyrian Tribes (English).svg Illyrian tribes (svg)
IllyrianTribes.jpg Illyrian tribes
Illyrii Proprie Dicti aka Illyrians Proper aka Docleatae.svg (svg) Illyrians Proper
Map of ancient Dardania and environs (English).svg Dardania & Environs
Map of the Kingdom of Agron of the Ardiaei (English).png Kingdom of Agron of the Ardiaei (250 BC - 230 BC)
KingdomofTeuta.png Kingdom of Teuta 230 - 228 BC
Map of the territory of Demetrius of Pharos (English).png Roman Client state governed by Demetrius of Pharos (228 - 220 BC)
[[|border|251x400px]] Kingdom of Gentius (181 BC - 167 BC)
Great Illyrian Revolt (English).svg Great Illyrian Revolt

Late Antiquity

Notes and references

General remarks:

  • The WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Atlas of the World is an organized and commented collection of geographical, political and historical maps available at Wikimedia Commons. The main page is therefore the portal to maps and cartography on Wikimedia. That page contains links to entries by country, continent and by topic as well as general notes and references.
  • Every entry has an introduction section in English. If other languages are native and/or official in an entity, introductions in other languages are added in separate sections. The text of the introduction(s) is based on the content of the Wikipedia encyclopedia. For sources of the introduction see therefore the Wikipedia entries linked to. The same goes for the texts in the history sections.
  • Historical maps are included in the continent, country and dependency entries.
  • The status of various entities is disputed. See the content for the entities concerned.
  • The maps of former countries that are more or less continued by a present-day country or had a territory included in only one or two countries are included in the atlas of the present-day country. For example the Ottoman Empire can be found in the Atlas of Turkey.

Entries available in the atlas

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The world and its continents and oceans
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Entities with undisputed sovereign status
Afghanistan    ■Albania    ■Algeria    ■Andorra    ■Angola    ■Antigua and Barbuda    ■Argentina    ■Armenia    ■Australia    ■Austria    ■Azerbaijan    ■Bahamas    ■Bahrain    ■Bangladesh    ■Barbados    ■Belarus    ■Belgium    ■Belize    ■Benin    ■Bhutan    ■Bolivia    ■Bosnia and Herzegovina    ■Botswana    ■Brazil    ■Brunei    ■Bulgaria    ■Burkina Faso    ■Burundi    ■Cambodia    ■Cameroon    ■Canada    ■Cape Verde    ■Central African Republic    ■Chad    ■Chile    ■China    ■Colombia    ■Comoros    ■Congo (Democratic Republic)    ■Congo (Republic)    ■Costa Rica    ■Côte d’Ivoire    ■Croatia    ■Cuba    ■Cyprus    ■Czech Republic    ■Denmark    ■Djibouti    ■Dominica    ■Dominican Republic    ■East Timor    ■Ecuador    ■Egypt    ■El Salvador    ■Equatorial Guinea    ■Eritrea    ■Estonia    ■Eswatini    ■Ethiopia    ■Fiji    ■Finland    ■France    ■Gabon    ■Gambia    ■Georgia    ■Germany    ■Ghana    ■Greece    ■Grenada    ■Guatemala    ■Guinea    ■Guinea-Bissau    ■Guyana    ■Haiti    ■Honduras    ■Hungary    ■Iceland    ■India    ■Indonesia    ■Iran    ■Iraq    ■Ireland    ■Israel    ■Italy    ■Jamaica    ■Japan    ■Jordan    ■Kazakhstan    ■Kenya    ■Kiribati    ■Korea (Democratic People’s Republic)    ■Korea (Republic)    ■Kuwait    ■Kyrgyzstan    ■Laos    ■Latvia    ■Lebanon    ■Lesotho    ■Liberia    ■Libya    ■Liechtenstein    ■Lithuania    ■Luxembourg    ■Madagascar    ■Malawi    ■Malaysia    ■Maldives    ■Mali    ■Malta    ■Marshall Islands    ■Mauritania    ■Mauritius    ■Mexico    ■Micronesia (Federated States)    ■Moldova    ■Monaco    ■Mongolia    ■Montenegro    ■Morocco    ■Mozambique    ■Myanmar    ■Namibia    ■Nauru    ■Nepal    ■Netherlands    ■New Zealand    ■Nicaragua    ■Niger    ■Nigeria    ■North Macedonia    ■Norway    ■Oman    ■Pakistan    ■Palau    ■Panama    ■Papua New Guinea    ■Paraguay    ■Peru    ■Philippines    ■Poland    ■Portugal    ■Qatar    ■Romania    ■Russia    ■Rwanda    ■Saint Kitts and Nevis    ■Saint Lucia    ■Saint Vincent and the Grenadines    ■Samoa    ■San Marino    ■São Tomé and Príncipe    ■Saudi Arabia    ■Senegal    ■Serbia    ■Seychelles    ■Sierra Leone    ■Singapore    ■Slovakia    ■Slovenia    ■Solomon Islands    ■Somalia    ■South Africa    ■South Sudan    ■Spain    ■Sri Lanka    ■Sudan    ■Suriname    ■Sweden    ■Switzerland    ■Syria    ■Tajikistan    ■Tanzania    ■Thailand    ■Togo    ■Tonga    ■Trinidad and Tobago    ■Tunisia    ■Turkey    ■Turkmenistan    ■Tuvalu    ■Uganda    ■Ukraine    ■United Arab Emirates    ■United Kingdom    ■United States    ■Uruguay    ■Uzbekistan    ■Vanuatu    ■Vatican City    ■Venezuela    ■Vietnam    ■Yemen    ■Zambia    ■Zimbabwe

Entities with disputed sovereign status
Abkhazia    ■Artsakh    ■Kosovo    ■Northern Cyprus    ■Palestine    ■Somaliland    ■South Ossetia    ■Taiwan    ■Tatarstan    ■Transnistria    ■Western Sahara

Dependencies and other overseas territories
Akrotiri and Dhekelia    ■Åland    ■American Samoa    ■Anguilla    ■Aruba    ■Ascension Island    ■Ashmore and Cartier Islands    ■Baker Island    ■Bermuda    ■Bouvet Island    ■British Indian Ocean Territory    ■British Virgin Islands    ■Cayman Islands    ■Christmas Island    ■Clipperton Island    ■Cocos (Keeling) Islands    ■Cook Islands    ■Coral Sea Islands    ■Curaçao    ■Faroe Islands    ■French Guiana    ■French Polynesia    ■French Southern and Antarctic Lands    ■Gibraltar    ■Greenland    ■Guadeloupe    ■Guam    ■Guantanamo Bay    ■Guernsey    ■Heard Island and McDonald Islands    ■Hong Kong    ■Howland Island    ■Isle of Man    ■Jan Mayen    ■Jarvis Island    ■Jersey    ■Johnston Atoll    ■Kingman Reef    ■Macau    ■Martinique    ■Mayotte    ■Midway Atoll    ■Montserrat    ■Navassa Island    ■New Caledonia    ■Niue    ■Norfolk Island    ■Northern Mariana Islands    ■Palmyra Atoll    ■Pitcairn Islands    ■Puerto Rico    ■Réunion    ■Saint Helena    ■Saint Martin (France)    ■Saint-Barthélemy    ■Saint-Pierre and Miquelon    ■Sint Maarten (Netherlands)    ■Svalbard    ■Tokelau    ■Tristan da Cunha    ■Turks and Caicos Islands    ■United States Virgin Islands    ■Wake Island    ■Wallis and Futuna

Disputed subnational entities and territories
Bajo Nuevo Bank    ■Crimea    ■Falkland Islands    ■Gilgit–Baltistan    ■Kurdistan (Syrian)    ■Kashmir    ■Ladakh    ■Paracel Islands    ■Serranilla Bank    ■South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands    ■Spratly Islands    ■

Subnational autonomous entities
Aceh    ■Adjara    ■Adygea    ■Altai    ■Andalusia    ■Aosta Valley    ■Aragon    ■Asturias    ■Athos    ■Azores    ■Balearic Islands    ■Bashkortostan    ■Basque Autonomous Community    ■Bonaire    ■Bosnia and Herzegovina (Federation of)    ■Bougainville    ■Brussels    ■Buryatia    ■Canary Islands    ■Catalonia    ■Chechnya    ■Chuvashia    ■Corsica    ■Dagestan    ■Easter Island    ■England    ■Extremadura    ■Flanders    ■Friuli-Venezia Giulia    ■Gagauzia    ■Galicia    ■Galápagos Islands    ■Gilgit–Baltistan    ■Gorno-Badakhshan    ■Guangxi    ■Ingushetia    ■Islamabad Capital Territory    ■Inner Mongolia    ■Kabardino-Balkaria    ■Kalmykia    ■Karachay-Cherkessia    ■Karakalpakstan    ■Karelia    ■Khakassia    ■Komi    ■Kurdistan (Iraqi)    ■Khyber Pakhtunkhwa    ■Madeira    ■Mari El    ■Muslim Mindanao    ■Mordovia    ■Nakhichevan    ■Navarre    ■Nevis    ■Ningxia    ■North Ossetia – Alania    ■Northern Ireland    ■Nunatsiavut    ■Quebec    ■Saba    ■Sakha    ■Sardinia    ■Scotland    ■Sicily    ■Sindh    ■Sint Eustatius    ■Srpska    ■Tibet    ■Tłı̨chǫ    ■Trentino-Alto Adige    ■Tuva    ■Udmurtia    ■Vojvodina    ■Wales    ■Wallonia    ■Xinjiang    ■Zanzibar

Other regions
Basque Country    ■Burzenland    ■Catalan Countries    ■Frisia    ■Kurdistan    ■Manchuria    ■Sápmi    ■Svenskfinland    ■Székely Land    ■Transylvania

Former sovereign nations
Austria-Hungary    ■Byzantine Empire    ■Caliphate    ■Czechoslovakia    ■Frankish Empire    ■Kingdom of Hawaiʻi    ■Inca Empire    ■Iroquois Confederacy    ■Macedonian Empire    ■Ottoman Empire    ■Prussia    ■Roman Empire    ■Soviet Union    ■Republic of Texas    ■Vermont Republic    ■Republic of West Florida    ■Yugoslavia

Former dependencies and overseas territories
Netherlands Antilles

Former disputed territories
Tamil Eelam