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Wikimedia Commons Atlas of the World

The Wikimedia Atlas of the World is an organized and commented collection of geographical, political and historical maps available at Wikimedia Commons.
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The introductions of the country, dependency and region entries are in the native languages and in English. The other introductions are in English.


Svenska Sverige - Konungariket Sverige

Sverige (officiellt Konungariket Sverige) är en konstitutionell monarki i norra Europa, beläget på östra delen av den skandinaviska halvön. Landet gränsar till Norge i väster, Finland i nordost, samt Danmark i sydväst via Öresundsbron. Landet har också maritima gränser till Estland, Lettland, Litauen, Polen, Tyskland samt Ryssland (Kaliningrad). De omgivande vattnen är Bottenviken och Bottenhavet som utgör en del av Östersjön, samt i sydväst Skagerrak, Kattegatt och Öresund.

Sámegiella Ruoŧŧa - Ruoŧa gonagasriika

Ruoŧŧa (Ruoŧa gonagasriika) lea riika Eurohpas. Dan rádjeriikkat leat Suopma ja Norga. Ruoŧa oaivegávpot lea Stockholbma.

Suomi Ruotsi - Ruotsin kuningaskunta

Ruotsi on perustuslaillinen monarkia Skandinaviassa Pohjois-Euroopassa. Sillä on yhteinen raja Suomen ja Norjan kanssa. Ruotsi on Euroopan unionin jäsen ja pohjoismainen teollisuusmaa.

English Sweden - Kingdom of Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden is a Nordic country in Scandinavia. It is bordered by ► Norway in the west, ► Finland in the northeast, the Skagerrak Strait and the Kattegat Strait in the southwest, and the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia in the east. It is connected to ► Denmark in the southwest by the Oresund Bridge.

Short name  Sweden
Official name Kingdom of Sweden
Status Independent country since the middle ages (1134), member of the ► European Union since 1995.
Location North Europe
Capital Stockholm
Population 10,345,449 inhabitants
Area 449,964 square kilometres (173,732 sq mi)
Language Swedish (official)
Religion Lutheranism
More information Sweden, Geography of Sweden, History of Sweden and Politics of Sweden
More images Sweden - Sweden (Category).

General maps

Map of Sweden
Karta över Sverige
Map of Sweden
Karta över Sverige
Topographic map of Scandinavia (German)
Map of Sweden
Karta över Sverige
Map of Sweden
Karta över Sverige
Location of Sami (Lapland)
Karta som belyser Sami, (Lappland)

Maps of divisions

This section holds maps of the administrative divisions.

Counties of Sweden
Sveriges län med länsbokstäver
Municipalities of Sweden
Sveriges kommuner
Historical provinces of Sweden
Sveriges landskap

History maps

This section holds a short summary of the history of the area of present-day Sweden, illustrated with maps, including historical maps of former countries and empires that included present-day Sweden.

Map of the Swedish Empire from 1560 to 1815
A map of the area covered by the Pre-Roman Iron Age, 4th century BC - 1st century BC
Viking voyages


Sweden during the Viking Age

Sverige under vikingatiden

Map showing Scandinavian settlement in the eight (dark red), ninth (red), tenth (orange) and eleventh (yellow) centuries. Areas denoted in green are those affected by frequent viking incursions, but with little or no Scandinavian settlement.
Sweden in 1020

Sverige år 1020

Sweden in the 12th century

Sverige på elvahundratalet

Scandinavia in 1219. The realms of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Sword Brethren
Sweden in 1280 (Incorrect. The colonization of Lappland (inner northern Sweden) did not start until 1670, and Norrbotten coast until some time after 1330. Hälsingland had a loose connection to Sweden until 1331.)

Sverige år 1280

Kalmar Union 16th Century

Kalmarunionen i början på 1500-talet

Sweden in 1645 (Treaty of Brömsebro

Sverige år 1645)

Sweden in 1658 (Treaty of Roskilde)

Sverige år 1658 efter freden i Roskilde

The Swedish Empire in Early Modern Europe (1560-1815)
Historical provinces of Sweden
Historiska landskap från tiden då Finland var svenskt
New Sweden around 1650

Nya Sverige omkring 1650

Sweden between 1560 and 1660
Sweden 1658

Sverige år 1658

Sweden 1658 compared with present Sweden

Sverige 1658 jämfört med dagens Sverige

The Baltic provinces of the Swedish Empire in the 17th century. With English country names.

De svenska baltiska besittningarna under 1600-talet, med engelska lands- och ortsnamn.

The Baltic provinces of the Swedish Empire in the 17th century. With Swedish country names.

De svenska baltiska besittningarna under 1600-talet, med svenska lands- och ortsnamn.

The region after the Vienna congress

Norden efter Wienkongressen

Old maps

This section holds copies of original general maps more than 70 years old.

Map of Sweden (Scandinavia) from the 1st century
Karta över Sverige från ca 150
Map of Sweden (Scandinavia) from the 16th century
Karta över Sverige från 1500-talet
Map of Sweden from the 18th century
Karta över Sverige från 1700-talet
Map of Norway and Sweden from the 19th century
Karta över Norge och Sverige från 1800-talet
Map of Sweden and Norway in 1905
Karta över Sverige och Norge 1905

Other maps

GRP per capita per län, counted in thousands of Swedish crowns (2004).

Bruttoregionalprodukt per invånare i de svenska länen. Räknat i tusental svenska kronor.

Satellite maps

Satellite map
Satellitbild över Sverige och Norden
Satellite map
Satellitbild över Sverige
Satellite map
Satellitbild över Sverige

Notes and references

General remarks:

  • The WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Atlas of the World is an organized and commented collection of geographical, political and historical maps available at Wikimedia Commons. The main page is therefore the portal to maps and cartography on Wikimedia. That page contains links to entries by country, continent and by topic as well as general notes and references.
  • Every entry has an introduction section in English. If other languages are native and/or official in an entity, introductions in other languages are added in separate sections. The text of the introduction(s) is based on the content of the Wikipedia encyclopedia. For sources of the introduction see therefore the Wikipedia entries linked to. The same goes for the texts in the history sections.
  • Historical maps are included in the continent, country and dependency entries.
  • The status of various entities is disputed. See the content for the entities concerned.
  • The maps of former countries that are more or less continued by a present-day country or had a territory included in only one or two countries are included in the atlas of the present-day country. For example the Ottoman Empire can be found in the Atlas of Turkey.

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